Structure of the University

Charles University is administered by its self-governing academic bodies (the Academic Senate, the Research Board, and the academic officers of the university headed by the Rector). The Rector manages the university, represents it, and negotiates in its name. He is answerable to the Academic Senate of the university and also, in certain matters defined by the law, to the Minister of Education.

The Rector is represented by pro-rectors and by the kvestor [quaestor] who is responsible for the economic and administrative affairs of the university, and runs the Rectorate. In recent years the structure of the Rectorate has undergone a number of changes, and its offices and departments have been modified to meet the new needs of Charles University.

The faculties are the basic components of Charles University. Apart from these and the Rectorate, however, Charles University possesses other elements. These are research, pedagogic, developmental, economic and information centres (institutes) and special facilities.

Charles University has seventeen faculties which have independent decisionmaking powers, except in matters which fall within the jurisdiction of Charles University as these are defined in Law No. 172/90 Coll. on higher education or in the Statutes of Charles University. Each faculty is headed by a dean, who manages it, represents it and negotiates in its name. Each dean is responsible to the academic senate of his or her faculty, and also to the rector to the extent defined by the Statutes of Charles University.

The Faculties of CU

Charles University in Prague is composed of the following faculties:

The Catholic Theological Faculty

The Protestant Theological Faculty

The Hussite Theological Faculty

The Faculty of Law

The 1st Medical Faculty

The 2nd Medical Faculty

The 3rd Medical Faculty

The Medical Faculty in Pilsen

The Medical Faculty in Hradec Kralove

The Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

The Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

The Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

The Faculty of Humanities

In terms of size, numbers of students, teachers and employees, and research output, Charles University is the largest and undoubtedly the most important university in the Czech Republic and one of the most influential and respected in Central Europe. It offers a full range of different forms of study. Students can undertake higher education at three levels: bachelor studies, master s studies and postgraduate studies.

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