Information for International Applicants for Study

This text is designated for international applicants for study in study programmes in foreign languages inclusive the joint programmes.

In the year 2017, the study at the Charles University in Prague (hereinafter „CU“) took place in 64 Bachelor’s, 66 Master’s, 34 long-cycle Master’s study programmes and 222 doctoral study programmes altogether (data to October 31, 2017). More than half of all study programmes are accredited in a foreign language as well, above all in English. This offer of studies is quite stable, although continually up-dated. The majority of study programmes further split into study branches. A variety of studies offered at the CU encompasses most fields and areas in humanities, social sciences, natural science and medicine. The participation of foreign students in the overall number of students at the CU amounted to 14 % in the year 2017. The applicants are offered the regular study in the full time or combined form of study; study proceeds pursuant to the rules of European Credit Transfer System (ECTS); the assessed unit of study is either a semester or a year. In the Czech Republic, studying in foreign language is charged for. The faculties determine the amount of tuition fee themselves (within the prescribed limits). Alongside it, there are broad offerings of stipends and scholarships available. You can take advantage of the annual almanach with a survey of the most frequented study programmes / branches in foreign languages at the individual faculties, inclusive the information on the respective tuition fees. The full scope of accredited study programmes / branches in foreign languages is accessible from the accreditation database, which is available also in English (for the list, please, open the search / advanced search and choose the particular language of instruction).

Next to it, Charles University in Prague also takes part in a variety of Erasmus Mundus joint programmes and other international reds providing the accredited joint/double/multiple degree study within the bachelor, master and doctoral cycle. Graduates of such joint programmes are granted either a recognized joint diploma, or two or more recognized national diplomas of the individual partner universities.

Study application form can be submitted electronically in English. Further information inclusive all required documentation you can find on the pages of Admission procedure of CU (and in parallel on the pages of the involved faculty or study programme respectively).

International applicants for study shall submit the certificate of recognized foreign education (so called “nostrification”). In case of secondary education, the nostrification in the Czech Republic is carried out by the regional authorities.  For the nostrification of tertiary education, corresponding to the levels 6-8 of the European Qualification Framework (EQF), you can apply to the Charles University in Prague or to another public higher education institution in the Czech Republic. The citizens of Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, and Slovenia are exempted from this duty (in case of the secondary education, the regional authority just issues the certificate without any procedure being carried out). For German citizens, the higher education diplomas are recognized by a public higher education institution in the Czech Republic: in case of recognition for the purpose of further study, the rector just approves an appropriately submitted application. For detailed instructions about how the application for nostrification is to be filed, please, visit the section Recognition of Foreign Diplomas and Degrees.

Students of the so called third countries, i.e. countries that are not members of the European Union nor Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, who successfully completed the admission procedure and have been admitted to study, apply to the Czech Embassy in their country for the long-term visa (over 90 days, up to 1 year) or long-term residence permit (over 90 days, or follows up with the long-term visa or long-term residence permit for more than 1 year including the previous visa).

The application for long-term visa / long-term residence permit has the following elements:

  • filled-in application form (must be filled in Czech!)

  • photos - 2 pieces

  • a travel document - original (please, check the expiry date of your passport)

  • a document confirming the purpose of your stay in the territory of the Czech Republic – certificate of admission to study, certificate of admission to education

  • a proof of accommodation on the territory of the Czech Republic

  • proof of funds to secure the cost of the stay in the territory of the Czech Republic (Art. 13 of Act No. 326/1999 Col.)

  • parental consent, if appropriate

Prior to affixing the visa for the purpose of studies:

  • The foreigner shall submit the proof of medical travel insurance for the period of his stay in the territory which meets the requirements under Art. 180j of Act. No. 326/1999 Col.


Exempted from this duty are nationals of some countries and participants in international student-exchange programs inclusive the program ERASMUS MUNDUS. Foreigners willing to take advantage of this provision can follow the instructions published here.

A detailed description of the whole procedure is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, where you can also find the information on how to file an application for short-term visa (up to 90 days, not required for EU and other nationals dispensing with visas). For further information, please, look into the section of CU World.

At the CU, next to the regular study, persons concerned can further study as scholarship holders or interns or can apply for a life-long-learning program. Broad offerings of scholarships and LLL programs are available at the indicated web pages. Within the life-long-learning, the CU draws among other the attention to its language courses, which can be used as a preparation for the regular study by an applicant, whether in Czech or in a foreign language.

All practical information for foreign students you can find in The Guide of International Students, which is annually up-dated.

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