Multisport Card

Important data for Multisport programme registration and deregistration

Multisport programme registration and deregistration takes place on every quarter as follows:

Start/end of paid period: first day in a following month after the month when order for registration/deregistration was sent.

Registration and deregistration in 2021 is possible up to:

15th June

15th September

15th December

Basic information

  • Intended for employees of the Rector’s Office, Dormitories and Canteens, Management of Building and Equipment, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Arts, The Catholic Theological Faculty, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Sciences, the Faculty of Education, the Protestant Theological Faculty, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, and the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies (all other faculties and units to participate at a later time according to interest).

  • Employees who work at least part-time (50% of the working hours) may purchase a MultiSport card through their employer (not possible when working hours are below 50% even for contracted employees).

  • A fixed amount is deducted from an employee’s wages on a monthly basis.

  • To obtain a MultiSport card, the documents specified below must be completed and sent to CU Point to the attention of Edita Badalcová, Celetná 13, Prague 1. (Employees of the Faculty of Social Sciences take the documents directly to their HR department).

  • Programme registration and deregistration takes place on a quarterly basis at, and a formstack must be completed.

  • Do not ask for the signatures of the registrar or secretary, the deans, the directors of your faculties and workplaces (except for the Faculty of Social Sciences) – we will obtain all of them at the same time.

  • For more information relating to card benefits, click here:

Documents needed to access the paid programme

  1. An agreement on wage deductions in three copies.

  2. Application of the employee to join the MultiSport programme according to the specific faculties and units of Charles University. One copy.

  3. Consent to the processing of personal data. One copy.

Following documents are only English specimen, just for your information what do you undersign. You should download the Czech version according to your Faculty or part of the University)

Withdrawal from the programme

Bring the correctly completed, printed, and signed Withdrawal from the Agreement on Wage Deductions to the head of your HR department and also deregister at the following address:

FAQ & contact

Should you have any other questions, you may contact Edita Badalcová,  .

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