Organization of Studies

Curricula and credits

Degree programmes are based on curricula, which set out their structure: the courses (course units), their sequence, content, form and hours of instruction, and the number of credits allocated to each course unit. The curricula also indicate which course units are compulsory (i.e. core course units that the student must complete in order to be eligible for sitting the final State Examination), and which are classed as “recommended optional” (course units are chosen by the student from a predefined set of units according to his/her specialization and interest, to make up a prescribed number of credits from that particular set). A small portion of the credit allocation is left up to the student, who can freely decide which course units (classed as “optional course units”) to choose from the range of course units offered by Charles University faculties (and in some cases also other higher education institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad).

The list of course units

Students accumulate credits during the course of their studies. Each course unit has been allocated a specific number of credits reflecting the workload necessary for its completion (in proportion to the total workload needed to complete all the course units in the curriculum). The student acquires the stipulated number of credits for the successful completion of a course unit irrespective of the grade he/she has received for that course unit.

The optimum scenario is that the student progresses according to the curriculum, which prescribes 60 credits for each stage of study, i.e. per one academic year (or 30 credits per semester). The rules governing study at the faculties usually stipulate the minimum credit requirement (i.e. lower than 60) that the student must obtain in order to be able to progress to the next stage of study. To be eligible for sitting the final examination, the student must complete the course units prescribed by the curriculum and accumulate a total of 180 credits for Bachelor´s programmes and 120 credits for Master´s programmes.

Length of study and fees

The standard length of a Bachelor’s degree programme is 3 years. If this standard period of study is extended by more than one year, the student will have to pay a tuition fee. The duration of study (inclusive of the final State Examination) may extend to maximum 6 years.

Students with special needs

All Charles University faculties and their degree programmes/courses take account of the requirements of students with special needs. For more information visit the website of our Centrum Carolina.

Course evaluations

Students can provide feedback on the quality of courses by taking part in a questionnaire survey conducted on a regular basis. They evaluate the content and teaching of individual courses, and have a say in the course content and delivery; their feedback helps to enhance the quality of the courses.

Completion of studies and certificates

The studies are completed with the final State Examination and the defence of a Bachelor´s/Master´s thesis (a disertation in case of Ph.D. programme). Graduates are awarded the academic title. The certificate attesting to the completion of the degree programme is the higher education diploma and diploma supplement.

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