Admission requirements are publicised on the Charles University website four months before the deadline for submission of applications. This is the only official and authorized version of the admissions procedure requirements stipulated by Charles University faculties. Besides information on entrance examination requirements and their content, fees and dates, applicants will also find the faculties' Open-Day dates there.

The admissions process starts with the submission of the application to the relevant faculty. Handling of the application procedure may vary from one faculty to another: faculties usually require different forms of submission (printed, online, online but not valid until a signed printed version is delivered).

The application to study must be submitted together with a proof of the payment of the administration fee. If the applicant is applying for more than one programme, it is necessary to submit separate applications for each programme and to pay the corresponding fees.

Applicants with special needs may request to take a modified entrance exam. In such cases, the application must include a written request stating the grounds for the modified exam and authenticated by a medical doctor. The final decision on admission is made by the Dean. The applicant’s special needs cannot be taken into account when making the final decision if they were not mentioned until after the examination (for example during an entrance examination review process).

When all supporting documentation and compliance with stipulations have been checked, the applicant will be notified by the Dean of the outcome of the admissions procedure. The applicant is entitled to submit an appeal and request a review of a rejection within thirty days from the date of delivery of the decision.

The admissions procedure for all types of study is governed by the Admissions Procedure Code of Charles University in Prague; details may be regulated by the admissions procedure codes of individual faculties. The Rector’s Provision sets out the Admissions Procedure Dates and Deadlines for the relevant academic year (in Czech), including deadlines for submitting applications, dates of the start and end of the entrance examination period, and deadlines for submitting supporting documents (secondary school leaving certificate, diplomas etc.).

Basic admission requirements

The basic prerequisite for admission to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme is the candidate’s completion of his/her higher secondary or secondary vocational education. The prerequisite for admission to a follow-on Master’s degree programme is a Bachelor’s degree. The prerequisite for admission to a PhD programme is a Master’s degree.

The applicant must provide evidence of having completed the required level of education – a secondary school leaving certificate, diploma etc. Unless stated otherwise by an international treaty, the document containing proof of completion of secondary, vocational secondary or tertiary level education issued by a higher education institution abroad must be submitted together with a document testifying to the recognition of the foreign qualification or degree (or its part) in the Czech Republic.

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