I am a university student with Ukrainian citizenship

The individual faculties of CU are currently considering admission requirements and other procedural adjustments for students/applicants from Ukraine. All Ukrainian students from Ukrainian universities who study at CU as freemovers or are enrolled in regular degree pro-grammes will receive a monthly scholarship to cover basic needs (accommodation, meals, language courses, etc.). The program freemover does not apply to students with Ukrainian citizenship from any other than Ukrainian, Russian or Belarusian universities.

How to proceed

  1. Check the database of all available degree programmes at our university. This contains all current conditions for admission, regular deadlines for the submission of applications, etc. We also constantly update it with the latest information.

  2. If possible, please apply as a freemover. This option is already offered by some faculties. It is possible to apply for participation in the freemover program abroad, but the student must be present in the Czech Republic during the study. Officially, you will still be enrolled at your home university in Ukraine and your short stay at CU will be regarded as student mobility (with a maximum length until 12 February 2023).

    As a freemover, you are expected to:


    Study in Czech: apply for full-time study at CU (see point 3) and attend language courses (see point 4).


    Study in English: apply for full-time study at CU (see point 3) and attend English lessons (de-pending on the available options of your study programme and other instructions of the faculty).

    Please consult the contact person at your faculty at all times.

  3. Apply for full-time study at CU (2022/23 academic year). Some faculties are still offering the possibility of applying as a regular applicant.


    If the application procedure for your chosen degree programme is still open, you can take part in the standard admission procedure.


    If the deadline for submitting applications has already passed, please contact the admission department of the relevant faculty about other options (including possible further rounds of admission procedures or other special conditions for students with Ukrainian citizenship).


  4. Czech language courses are offered by the University's Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies. The course will start at the end of April and beginning of May and costs 4.800 CZK/month.

  5. Please present documents (certified copies of your diploma and its supplement) for the assessment of your previous higher or secondary education for the purposes of the admis-sion procedure (faculty) or for the general recognition of your tertiary education in another country (Rectorate) or secondary education in another country (regional government office). In case you are missing any document, a statutory declaration will be sufficient.

    More about nostrifications - recognition of foreign education at Charles University can be found here (in Czech).

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