Joint supervision of dissertations by two tutors (known under the French term cotutelle) is based on cooperation between Charles University and a foreign higher education institution. The PhD student is co-tutored by supervisors from the two partner institutions and spends part of his or her studies at the foreign university. Cotutelle makes a significant contribution to the internationalization of doctoral studies and, in the long term, promotes the integration of the University’s research activities into the European Research Area.

For each doctorate, the partner institutions sign a separate agreement on the joint supervision of a particular PhD thesis. This agreement sets out the terms, timetable and other aspects of the jointly supervised studies and the defence of the candidate's thesis. It is signed by the student and his or her supervisors, the Dean of the student's faculty, the Rector of Charles University, and their counterparts from the partner institution.

The PhD student is enrolled at both participating universities in accordance with national legislation of the two countries and enjoys all ensuing academic rights and responsibilities. The provisions of the cotutelle agreement aim to prevent administrative complications and problems that may arise in the course of the jointly supervised studies. These provisions must not contradict regulations governing doctoral study in either of the participating countries and must comply with the regulations issued by the higher education institutions and faculties involved.

Universities abroad differ in their approach to cotutelle agreements: minor modifications are therefore a matter of course.

Model Agreements on Bi-national Supervision of a Doctoral Thesis

We recommend that you use one of the model agreements provided below:

Model Agreement

Model Agreement in French

Model Agreement in German

Model Agreement in Czech

Amendment to the Agreement on Bi-national Supervision of a Doctoral Thesis


Amendment in French

Amendment in German

Amendment in Czech

List of cotutelle agreements signed at institution level

Funding options

Charles University supports cotutelle with grants from its Mobility Fund; another option is to apply for support from either your home faculty or the partner university. You can also benefit from the offers of various foundations, grant agencies or other institutions supporting student mobility.

If you wish to work on your jointly supervised PhD thesis at a French university, you can apply for one of the scholarships offered by the French government, which provides financial support to such activities. For more information see Institut français de Prague .

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