Bachelor’s and Master’s admission requirements

Lists of all study programmes taught in English (German, French or Russian) in the academic year 2019/2020 can be found in a prospectus here

Admission requirements (Link to the faculty website)


Application deadline for 2019/20 academic year

Annual tuition fee*

Faculty of Arts

New master´s programme: LOGIC

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Course

TEMA+ European Territories: Heritage and Development (English and French)


deadline prolonged

12 August, 2019

TEMA+: 24 February, 2019 (Scholarship deadline), 16 June, 2019 (Self-paying students)

CZK 110,000/ approx. € 4,200 (MA in English language and linguistics)

EUR 0 (MA in Deutsche Sprache und Literatur in Mitteleuropa is a double degree programme in cooperation with Universität zu Köln)

€ 3,000 (Programme country students)

€ 6,000 (Partner country students)

for details see here

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Erasmus Mundus Master´s Programme

MA in Sports Ethics and Integrity (MAiSI) - administrated by the Swansea University, U.K.)


31 July, 2019

31 January, 2019 (scholarship applicants), 1 August, 2019 (self-funding applicants)

CZK 220,000/ approx. EUR 8,500 (Physiotherapy)

CZK 160,000/ approx. EUR 6,200 (Coach, Fitness coach, Teacher Education of Physical Education for Upper Secondary Schools)


€ 9,000 (entire programme - EU residents)

€ 18,000 (entire programme - Non-EU residents)

First Faculty of Medicine

30 April, 2019

General medicine/Dentistry: CZK 360,000/ approx.

EUR 13,850

Second Faculty of Medicine

30 April, 2019

General medicine: CZK 330,000/ approx.

EUR 12,700

Third Faculty of Medicine

31 March, 2019 (for the entrance test held in May 2019)

30 April, 2019 (for the entrance test held in June 2019)

General medicine: CZK 330,000/ approx.

EUR 12,700

Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

30 April, 2019

General medicine: CZK 300,000/ approx.

EUR 11,550

Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove

30 April, 2019

General medicine. CZK 310,000/ approx.

EUR 12,000

Dentistry: CZK 340,000/ approx.

EUR 13,100

Faculty of Pharmacy

30 May, 2019

EUR 7,600/ approx. CZK 198,000

Faculty of Science (MA in Ecology)

28 February, 2019

CZK 60,000/ approx. EUR 2,300

Faculty of Law

30 April, 2019

USD 6,000/ approx. EUR 5,300 (for the entire programme)

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

30 April, 2019

CZK 84,000/ approx. EUR 3,250 (EU students)

CZK 140,000/approx. EUR 5,400 (non-EU students)

Faculty of Education

28 February, 2019

CZK 60,000/ approx. EUR 2,300

Faculty of Social Sciences

Double degree master´s programme

International Masters in Economy, State and Society (IMESS) (administrated by UCL London)

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies (IMSISS)

28 February, 2019 (strongly recommended for applicants from non-EU and non-EFTA countries)

30 April, 2019 (regular)

for IMESS see

for IMSISS see here

EUR 3,000 - 8,000

(see the faculty website for details)

for IMESS and IMSISS fees see the respective websites

Faculty of Humanities

BA in Liberal Arts and Humanities:

31 March, 2019

Master´s programmes:

31 March, 2019 (recommended for students requiring a visa)

31 July, 2019 (regular)

EUR 2,000/ approx. CZK 52,000 (programmes in English)

EUR 200/ approx. CZK 5,200 (programme in German)

Protestant Theological Faculty

MA in Protestant Theology

deadline prolonged

11 August, 2019

CZK 25,000/ approx. EUR 950


MA in Applied Economics

31 March, 2019

USD 9,500

* Tuition fees are FOR ONE ACADEMIC YEAR. Tuition fees are subject to change. The figures were converted from Czech Crowns and rounded to the nearest fifty. Actual charges in EUR could be different. For updates, please see the faculty website.

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