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March 2024


 CU Point


 for international students


Dear International Students,

To start the newsletter off, we have a challenge for you. Help us come up with a new motto for CU Point, and we’ll reward you with university merch! “Information and Services in One Place” no longer adequately expresses everything we do.

What we offer has been expanding over time. As you know not only from our newsletters, we also oversee topics such as support, personal development, well-being, sustainable development, equal opportunities, information and much more. You can find out what we do for students, staff and alumni from our website. Please send us your ideas to by the end of March.

Now back to the newsletter. In addition to new information and events, we have prepared for you once again the Students Activities section, where we will offer several events organized for you by other students and also introduce you to Safe Space, a feminist collective at CU.

We hope you have a smooth summer semester.

Your CU Point


Study Smarter, Not Harder


7 MAR Struggling to be a successful student? Cannot concentrate on studying? Come to our workshop “Study Smarter, Not Harder“ and learn strategies to stay focused, combat procrastination, enhance memory, and excel in exams.

Workshop Resilience


9 to 10 MAR  In this workshop you will gain key skills to successfully manage the stress and pressure of studying. You will also strengthen your mental resilience and discover effective strategies for personal and academic growth.

Career Day at CU


13 MAR Registration for Career Day at CU is now open. Choose from a wide range of activities that can help you launch your career and book your place. We look forward to seeing you at Campus Hybernská.

Practical Czech Law


19 MAR Join us online from 4 to 5:30 p.m. for “Practical Czech Law” with Attorney Mgr. Hana Křenková. Learn about visas, residency permits, working options, contracts, living situations, and more.

Kafkus Hybernská 2024


19 to 23 MAR Come to this laboratory searching for the essence of Kafka’s genius, the legacy of which often remains concealed by the tourist boom. It takes place mostly in Czech, but there will also be concerts by foreign musicians.

First Aid Course


27 MAR takes place First Aid Course led by our student ambassadors from the medical faculties. Learn essential skills to confidently respond to a variety of emergency situations, that might come in handy when we least expect it.


For our PhD students

Survival Czech: Language Course for Total Beginers


12 MAR to 20 JUN Dobrý den! Are you a Ph.D. candidate wanting to learn the basics of the Czech language? Join our online language courses for beginners and survive in the Czech jungle!

How to Supervise the Theses


25 MAR How to approach the supervision of student theses, what principles to follow, what procedures to use, and how to lead students to a successful defence. The course will be held in Czech and is designed primarily for new and beginning supervisors.

Doctoral Study Hub


DSH is a platform for all postgraduate students that gives you access to courses, seminars, and workshops. The aim of this platform is to help to develop your scientific career and provide information for completing your dissertation.


Student Activities

With International Women’s Day approaching, we would like to introduce you to the university association Safe Space, a feminist collective at CU. Its objective is to create a safe and supportive space for everyone. The collective attends demonstrations together or organizes its own events, such as Gender Fridays. These educational Friday evenings covering various topics are often also in English. The topic and language of these evenings are presented on their social networks – Instagram or Facebook.

In addition, they organize events (their own and for the public) where it is important to simply relax and make friends – trips to nature and cultural events or, for example, “Safe space sings” – singing just for fun. The association also initiated the creation of a unisex toilet at the Faculty of Humanities where feminine hygiene products are provided.

Meet Our Student Ambassadors


Just as last month, you can now meet the new friendly face of one of our student ambassadors. Manuel is from Mexico, studies at the FSV, and enjoys hiking and swimming. He knows all the ins and outs about the opportunities and services available to our international students, so do not hesitate to get in touch with him.

International středa, mezinárodní Wednesday


New series of regular events for Czech and international students! Every Wednesday evening at the Prague's Campus Hybernská and once a month at the Pilsen's Dominik Café. Informal gatherings, pub quizes, lectures, board games, and so much more.

Running and Cycling Club


Join the charity team RCT Prague and enjoy your favorite sport in great company while doing something good. You are welcome whether you’re a competitive athlete or simply seeking a fun way to stay active. The team is organizing multiple group events every week.

FyzioCafé Special


14 MAR The Association of Physiotherapy Students invites all medical and non-medical students to a lecture in English from the FyzioCafé series. The topic will be the issue of scars and visceral adhesions.

Charity Music Festival


19 MAR You can visit another year of the charity music festival at 6 p.m. in Rock Café Prague. This time, the proceeds will go to NF Nina, whose mission is to support and care for children at risk of cerebral glioma.



The MindRun project was created to support the mental and physical health of students. They aim to create a community of runners who support each other and run together to enjoy the happiness from the movement.


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