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The Academic Senate of CU in Prague is a self-regulating representative academic organ. It was created after the velvet revolution in 1989 when a modern university life started to rise. The measures of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports aimed at decentralization of the management of universities from the beginning of January 1990 enabled the rise of Academic Board of CU on the basis of Principles of Higher Education Act from January 5th 1990. The Academic Board consisted of representatives of 15 faculties. First meeting of the Board was held on January 12th 1990 during which the Board organized an election of the rector and accepted the interim University Statute which contained  the basic regulation of the Board activity.

MSc (Ing.) Ivan Wilhelm, Csc., was elected first president of the Academic Board. The election of the rector was held on January 18th 1990, and subsequently on January 16th 1990 the Board accepted four new prorectors suggested by rector Doc.PhDr.Radim Palouš, CSc. On March 9th 1990 there was other important measure-adoption of proposal change of the Interim Statute which caused a title change from Academic Board to Academic Senate of Charles University. On May 4th 1990 the Federal Assembly of the Czechoslovak Federal Republic passed a Higher Education Act “No 172/1990 Coll. which defined in §8-§10 the activity of the Academic Senate as an Academic organ of the university. The Senate was to be elected by the academic community of a university in the way that all faculties could participate in with the same number of members. This Act came into force on July 1st 1990. On May 11th the Academic Senate passed the Rule of Procedure of CU AS. In the beginning of its existence the Academic Senate established an economic, legislative, pedagogical, and social board. On March 31st 1991 the first senate term ended, and by that time the first CU Academic Senate elections took place. On March 22nd 1991 the first report on CU AS activity in term of January 1990-1991 was published. In addition to the boards above mentioned the senate established on February 4th 2000 other two: editorial board and foreign board. 

At the present time the Academic Senate consists of 70 members ( 34 students, and 36 teachers; ExternĂ­ odkaz CU AS member list - only in Czech).

CU AS members are elected regularly in November by the academic community of a particular part of the University for a three-year term of office. Faculties are divided in three parts because of the elections.

A six-member presidium is elected for the coordination of the senate activity.

The Academic Senate establishes service boards for preparation of documents and standpoints for plenary sessions, and for detailed solving of particular problems. It is not necessary that the board member is a CU AS member. At the present time the senate has  editorial, economic, legislative, social, student, and foreign boards.

The Academic Senat acts according to relevant laws of the Czech Republic and inner regulations of CU, especially the ExternĂ­ odkaz Statute of Charles University in Prague (only in Czech), and ExternĂ­ odkaz Election and Procedure Regulations of CU AS (only in Czech).


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