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Transfer of Knowledge and Technology

The Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (CPPT) is an independent part of Charles University providing information and support services for knowledge and technology transfer (KTT).

The Centre creates opportunities and an environment to promote knowledge and technology transfer with the goal of increasing competitiveness and attractiveness of Charles University to students, staff, and the public, and to strengthen the "third role" of Charles University.

CPPT builds a Charles University Innovation Network by connecting academics across all faculties and parts of CU. The Innovation Network is based on cooperation with innovative organizations outside CU brokering knowledge, experience, services, information and funding. The Innovation Network is gateway, guide and a mediator between potential partners and the CU community.

CPPT offers and covers

  • Patent and legal counselling related to knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) for Charles University researchers and students

  • Consultation, knowledge, and financial support for specific commercialization projects

  • Lifelong learning relative to KTT

  • KTT and lifelong learning project preparation and realization

  • KTT methodology at Charles University

Feel free to contact us

Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer Charles University

Address: Petrská 1180/3, 110 00 Prague

Phone: +420 224 491 255


Web: www.cppt.cuni.cz

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