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Facts and Figures

The figures and graphs on this page present basic data on Charles University. They show that Charles University is a multi-disciplinary, research-oriented and outward-looking institution, a successful member of the European higher education area, and one of the top two per cent of universities worldwide according to prestigious world league tables.

The University strives to be open to talented students, accomplished teachers and researchers from both the Czech Republic and abroad, and to society in its entirety. Besides its achievements in science and research, the facts presented here show that Charles University is a much sought-after institution for students from all parts of the Czech Republic as well as from abroad, and that the University’s main focus is on Master’s and PhD degree programmes. It offers its students a diverse spectrum of options for studies and international stays. Aware of the importance of a lifelong commitment to learning, the University also runs an extensive range of short- and long-term lifelong learning programmes.

The facts and figures presented here also demonstrate how Charles University fulfils its historical mission, as embedded in its Foundation Charter by Charles IV – to elevate the nation’s erudition and to offer its citizens education of the highest quality, which they do not need to seek abroad, but which instead makes the University an institution sought after by foreigners.

This section of the University website is divided into three parts. The first, Main Sources of Charles University Statistics, presents a list of the most important sources of numerical data on Charles University. The second contains Basic Information on Charles University; the third - Charles University: an Overview in Data and Charts - places the selected data into a broader (national and international) context.

Main Sources of Charles University Statistics

  • Annual Report on the Activities of Charles University. The Tables part of the Annual Report contains basic information on the organization of the University plus data on employees, candidates, students and graduates, plus statistics relating to educational activities, research, international links and the “third role” (participation in commercial activities and society as a whole). The Annual Report also contains basic details broken down for all Charles University faculties.

  • Charles University Annual Financial Report. In addition to texts, this report contains tables providing information on a wide range of indicators including the balance sheet, profit and loss, financial performance, cash flows, public funding, wages and salaries, and scholarships paid out.

  • The Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports collects a number of statistics on higher education as a whole and on individual public and private higher education institutions separately. Besides the annual reports on the state of higher education, available information relates to accredited degree programmes, procedures for habilitations and professorial appointments, admission procedures and study, and inter-university agreements.

  • The Czech Statistical Office does not, as a rule, provide information on individual higher education institutions, although it does use their data (e.g. Annual Report on Research and Development) in a number of its surveys. In the case of Charles University, the available information includes patents and utility models.

  • The Research, Experimental Development and Innovation Information System combines several databases concerning scientific, research, developmental and other creative activities. The data include an overview of national public competitions, successful projects and research plans, and Charles University results.

  • Evaluation of research organizations. This national database contains an overview of results achieved by research organizations and their evaluation using currently valid methodology. Currently available are evaluations for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

  • CORDIS. The CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service) database contains information on the involvement of Charles University in projects funded from European Union resources (especially Framework Programmes).

Basic Information on Charles University

Organizational structure:

17 faculties

3 university institutes

6 other units

5 service facilities


51 438

  • in Bachelor's degree programmes:

18 896

  • in long-cycle Master's degree programmes:

15 392

  • in follow-on Master’s degree programmes:

9 292

  • in PhD degree programmes:

7 858


8 074

  • academic and research staff:

4 653

  • other staff:

3 421


8.7 billion CZK

  • including contribution and grant on educational activities:

3.1 billion CZK

  • including grant on research, development and innovations:

2.8 billion CZK

Expenses (in thousands of CZK):

8 721 666

  • primary activities:

8 461 082

  • additional activities:

260 584

Revenues (in thousands of CZK):

8 770 864

  • primary activities:

8 467 544

  • additional activities:

303 320

Financial result before taxation (in thousands of CZK):

49 198

  • primary activities:

6 463

  • additional activities:

42 735

Assets (in thousands of CZK):

13 401 345

  • long-term assets:

9 187 831

  • short-term assets:

4 213 514

Liabilities (in thousands of CZK):

13 401 345

  • own sources:

11 545 243

  • other sources:

1 856 102

Source: Charles University, Annual Report 2013 and Annual Financial Report 2013

Charles University: an Overview in Data and Charts

World University Rankings

Source: Academic Ranking of World Universities 2013, QS World University Rankings 2013, Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013

The International Dimension of Charles University: International Cooperation

Source: Academic Ranking of World Universities 2013 and Web of Science

Structure of the Charles University Budget

Source: Charles University, Annual reports on finances 2004-2013

Students of Charles University

Source: MEYS, Data about students, new enrollments and graduates of institutions of higher education 2013

Regional Composition of the Student Body of Charles University

Source: Charles University, Annual report on activities 2013

Proportion of Doctoral Students

Source: MEYS, Data about students, new enrollments and graduates of institutions of higher education 2013

Unemployment among Charles University Graduates

Source: Education Policy Center, Faculty of Education, CU, 2013

Charles University's Share of the Scientific Production Emerging from the Czech Republic

Source: Web of Science

Quality Research (Measured by Citations)

Source: Web of Science

Citation Frequency of Charles University Compared with Selected World Universities

Source: Web of Science and Academic Ranking of World Universities 2013 and Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013

Scientific and Publication Performance of Charles University in Relation to Oxford University

Source: Web of Science

International Student Exchanges

Source: MEYS, Annual report on the activities of institutions of higher education 2006-2013

Studying in a Foreign Languages

Source: Charles University, Annual reports on activities 2004-2013

Life-long Learning

Source: Charles University, Annual report on activities 2013

Modern Forms of Education at Charles University

Source: Charles University, Annual report on activities 2013

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