Student Visa

In the following sections, you will find important information on visas and permits to help you successfully complete the visa process.

Please note that, long-term visa and residence permit processing is solely under the authority of our Ministry of Interior and Embassies abroad (MFA CZ) and the Czech Ministry of the Interior (MoI CZ).

For the above-mentioned reasons, it is not within the competence of Charles University to expedite the visa issuance (or appointment) process. We also do not provide visa counselling. Nevertheless, in the following section, we strive to make the process easier.

Do I need a visa or residence permit?

In the table below you can find out whether you need a visa and/or residence permit for your studies at Charles University.

Staying less than 90 days

Staying more than 90 days

EU, EEA, Switzerland

No visa or residence permit needed

Andorra, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, Monaco, New Zeeland, San Marino, Singapur, United States and Great Britain

No visa or residence permit needed

Residence permit or longterm visa needed**

All other nationalities

Schengen (short-term) visa may be needed*

visa and residence permit needed**

* Selected countries have a short-term visa waiver. See more information onthe website of the Ministry of foreign affairs

** Selected countriespartake in the Student Facilitation Program which facilitates immigration proceduresfor students admitted at major Czech universities, including ours.

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