Tuition Fees

Financial support for students enrolled in study programmes taught in languages other than Czech is organised by the individual faculties. Full-time PhD students receive a monthly scholarship during the standard length of their studies (3-4 years). Moreover, faculties offer tuition fee reductions or merit-based scholarships for excellent study results after the first year of studies. The exact amount is set by the internal regulations of the respective faculty. See our general section on scholarships and websites of particular faculties for more information.

Studies in English

Studies in English and other foreign languages (German, French or Russian) are subject to tuition fees; these range from EUR 1,020 up to EUR 24,330 per year, depending on the faculty and study programme. The tuition fee median is EUR 6,000. Check the catalogue of study programmes for the particular fees.

Studies in Czech

Studies in Czech are free of charge. A tuition fee is charged only if the student exceeds the standard length of study by more than one year. Example: The standard length of study for a Master's degree in General Medicine is 6 years. Students may study for 7 years (6+1) for free. If they do not complete their studies by the end of the 7th year, they will have to pay a certain amount upon entering their 8th year. The same principle applies to our Bachelor's (3+1) and follow-up Master's (aka post-Bachelor's; 2+1) studies.

Language and Preparatory Courses

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