Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Financial support for students in study programmes taught in foreign languages is organized by the individual faculties (see below). Our faculties also offer tuition fee reductions or merit-based scholarships for excellent study results after the first year of studies.

Fees for studies in English

Studies in English and other foreign languages (German, French, Russian) are subject to tuition fees. The tuition fees range from CZK 0 (some Ph.D. programmes) to CZK 400,000 per year, depending on the faculty and study programme. Check the Central database of all study programmes for the programme fees or see the brochure here.


General overview of scholarships for studies in the Czech Republic is available on the website of Study in the Czech Republic or the website Study in Prague.


  • Ph.D. scholarships: Doctoral scholarships are awarded to all students enrolled in a full-time doctoral study programmes during the standard length of study (usually 3 - 4 years). The scholarship ranges from CZK 10,500 to CZK 25,000 per month. The specific amount within this range is determined by the Dean of the Faculty, in accordance with the Faculty Internal Regulation.

    Other financial support for students studying in English (or other foreign language) study programmes is organized by individual faculties. At this moment, three faculties offer scholarships to students in English taught study programmes (see the links below for more specifications and conditions):


    offers the following scholarships to highly qualified applicants:

    - Computer Science Tuition Fee Scholarships for the Bachelor’s Programme in Computer Science

    - Computer Science Tuition Fee Scholarship for the Master’s Programme in Computer Science

    - Computational Linguistics Scholarships for the Master’s Programme in Computer Science, study branch Language Technologies and Computational Linguistics

    - Prague Mathematics Tuition Fee Scholarship for the Master’s Programme in Mathematics

    - Prague Physics Tuition Fee Scholarship for the Master’s Programme in Physics


    - Development scholarships for students from developing and transition countries

    - Tuition fee reduction

    - European Politics and Society: Vaclav Havel Joint Master Programme - approximately 20 Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Scholarships each year covering the whole 100% of the tuition fee and offering to students extra 1,000 EUR per month as living allowances

  • FACULTY OF SCIENCE – Support for Talented Ph.D. Researchers STARS.


The Government of the Czech Republic annually offers scholarships within its Foreign Development Assistance Programme. These so-called government scholarships support students from developing countries who would like to study at public universities in the Czech Republic. For more information visit the website of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. The deadline for submitting applications for the academic year 2022/2023 is on September 30, 2021.


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic annually offers scholarships to foreign nationals within the framework of intergovernmental exchange programmes arranged with a number of countries.

More information


The program offers various types of grants for different shareholders; the Visegrad Scholarship is intended for Master’s and Doctoral students. It promotes closer co-operation between the four Visegrad Group countries – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland. These scholarships are awarded not only to applicants from the Visegrad countries but also to applicants from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Monte Negro, Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine, enabling them to study in one of the V4 countries; the same rules also apply to applicants from Kosovo. More information on the Visegrad fund is available on the Visegrad Fund website.

Fees for studies in Czech

Studies in Czech are free of charge. A tuition fee is charged only if the student exceeds the standard length of study by more than one year. Example: The standard length of study for a Master's degree in General Medicine is 6 years. Students may study for 7 years (6+1) free of charge. If they do not complete their studies by the 7th year, they will have to pay a certain amount upon entering their 8th year.

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