Language and Preparatory Courses

Czech language courses

There are several options for those interested in Czech language courses:

Czech language courses - a wide range of courses is offered by the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies

Preparatory courses for further university studies in Czech - one-year courses consisting of Czech language lessons and professional subjects preparing international applicants for Czech entrance examinations for a chosen university. Students attending our courses can apply to any university in the Czech Republic

Czech Studies Program (Faculty of Arts) - rich and sophisticated program intended for non-Czech speakers interested in the Czech language, Czech literature, history and culture. Each semester consists of around 240 lessons - 45-minute long (20 lessons per week). However, the program consists of much more than just classroom learning. It also provides cultural activities, trips, Czech Language Certificate Exams with ALTE licence and preparation for them. The exams are included in the tuition fee.

NEW! Czech for Foreigners Online (semester course) and Evening courses.

English language courses

For English language courses see the website of the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies

Preparatory courses for further university studies in English

Specific peparatory courses

Some faculties offer their own preparatory courses for specific programmes or fields.

Faculty of Humanities invites applicants interested in a bachelor´s programme Liberal Arts and Humanities for an e-learning course. Find more details here

Premedical programmes

Premedical programmes are preparatory courses designed to maximize your chance of passing the entrance examination through intensive study of the three core subjects: biology, chemistry and physics; along with English or Czech. They are not compulsory for those interested in applying for university medical programme.

Medicine in English Pre-Programme (one-year medical preparatory course organized by the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies in spa town Poděbrady)

The course focuses on maximizing student´s chances on entering a faculty of their choice by preparing them for particular entrance examinations, giving students essential basics of Czech language (successful communication in Czech is required by all medical universities during their practical trainings at Czech hospitals) and improving their level of English (native speakers attend additional Czech language lessons instead).

Premedical course (5-month course organised by Third Faculty of Medicine in Prague). The intensive premedical course gives students a chance to be maximally prepared for successful entrance examinations to study General Medicine in English Curriculum.

Medicine and Science in Czech (Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies in Mariánské Lázně or Liberec)

Medical or Scientific Preparatory Courses take place in the North Bohemian city of Liberec and a spa town of Marianske Lazne. The students intensively study the Czech language first, professional subjects which are required for university entrance exams are added into their program later within the first month. Applicants may choose a one or two-year preparatory programme.

The courses are designed for candidates interested in the following subjects: General Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Specialisations in Healthcare, Geology, Chemistry, Biology, Biomedical Engineering.

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