Charles University pays great attention to the European Research Council (ERC) grants, as it considers them, like all other scientific institutions in Europe, a benchmark of research quality. The University strives to provide systematic and long-term support to applicants with the aim of increasing our success rate in obtaining ERC grants in the years to come. The University has initiated and substantially participates in the ERC Expert Group, whose coordinator is Prof. Zdeněk Strakoš, a member of the Rector's Extended Board for ERC Grants.

"Applying for an ERC grant is a long-term process, where the most important thing is not getting the grant, but the preparation itself, during which the scientist has to think carefully about the project and his/her professional direction - in context and with insight, to take a kind of inventory of his/her work.

We know from feedback that even unsuccessful applicants rate the ERC grant preparation process as valuable and determinant for their future scientific work. By preparing the project, they have gained the space to pause, to change the way they look at their work, and this gradually leads (even if they do not get the ERC grant itself) to better results, to other grants or a prospective position at a major institution. The investment of time and effort in preparing a quality ERC project will pay off at the individual level and the institution itself."

Prof. Zdeněk Strakoš

Coordinator of the ERC Expert Group

Information and who to contact

If you are considering submitting an ERC, please contact the University's ERC Grants Liaison, Veronika Syrovátková, well in advance.

For more INFORMATION ABOUT THE ERC, including an overview of university ERC grants, please visit CU Europe Centre website.

To support young scientists to become independent and start their research group, the UK has also established the PRIMUS programme, which also succeeds in supporting applicants for ERC grants.

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