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Development Strategies

Charles University are scattered over many different locations – not only in Prague, but also in other cities. In view of this situation, the university plans to focus in future on the development of mini-campuses.

The key aim for the next years are Biocentre and Globcentre of the Albertov Campus, the teaching and Research Centre in Hradec Králové (MEPHARED), the campus of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen (UNIMEC and BIOMEDIC) and the reconstruction of the former students' hall for the needs of the Faculty of Humanities.

The University’s strategic development goals mean that it must be well prepared not only to respond to developments in Czech tertiary education, but also to play a proactive role in influencing these developments. Moreover, the ongoing development of the University itself makes it essential to achieve a carefully judged balance between two parallel requirements: on the one hand the growing number of courses and the widening range of activities pursued at the University’s various faculties and centres, and on the other hand the need to strengthen the cohesion of the University as a unified entity.

Achieving these goals requires detailed analysis of current trends and impacts, including the use of benchmarking methods. One of the foundation stones of the University’s development strategy is its focus on development projects – including projects financed from EU Structural Funds.

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