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Bearing the name of the University and its emblem (also in hologram form), Charles University (CU) student cards serve as evidence of the holder's relation to Charles University and to one of its faculties or other parts whose name is printed on the card. These chip cards, issued in several colour-differentiated types, contain personal data, a bar code, a photograph and a signature strip.

The ID cards are issued by card service centres whose location, contact information and office hours can be found here. At least one of the Prague centres is always open on workdays; the card service centres in Plzeň (Pilsen) and Hradec Králové are open at least twice a week.

For more information on using CU student cards in Prague's public transport system (PID in Czech) see Using CU student cards in Prague's public transport system.

All information on issuing and using CU student cards is provided on this webpage. If you have not found the answer you are looking for, please contact IAC Support Services.

Types of student cards

Charles University students are issued with the following types of student cards:

  • CU Student Card for students matriculated at Charles University, including those studying in a foreign language


Important notice for holders of CU-ISIC cards:

ISIC validation stickers for the academic year are sold by all CU card service centres. Without the validation sticker, the card holder is not entitled to ISIC-related benefits. A student card whose ISIC function has expired is automatically deleted from the national and international databases of valid ISIC cards and will not be accepted by any of the ISIC contractual partners, whether in the Czech Republic or abroad.

Consent to the processing of personal data for the holder of a Charles University joint identification card in conjunction with an ISIC/ITIC/ALIVE.

Benefiting from discounts offered to ISIC card holders is subject to the rules set out at and

For more information see also ISIC cards: FAQs.

UNIQA travel insurance for ISIC card holders is only valid if the ISIC function of the policyholder's CU-ISIC Student Card has not expired (the validity period is printed on the card or indicated by the ISIC validation sticker).

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