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Accreditation Procedure

Accreditation procedure – Summary

The granting of authorisation to implement a new programme of study (PS)

within the areas of study for which Charles University (CU) has obtained institutional accreditation

1. Once a year, or any time during the respective year, the Dean of a Faculty notifies the Rector by an official letter within so-called “accreditation plan” of their intention to submit a proposal of a new programme of study to be implemented; the Rector notifies the Extended Rector´s Board of the proposal. The letter is to contain the basic information regarding the intended PS, its brief characteristics and the profile of a graduate from the programme proposed.

2. The proposal of a PS is to be prepared within the accreditation module in SIS (https://is.cuni.cz/studium) in compliance with the methodology manual of CU (Příprava studijních programů - Univerzita Karlova at cuni.cz).

3. The proposal is submitted for consideration to the Academic Senate of a respective Faculty; subsequently, the proposal is submitted for approval to the Research Board of a respective Faculty.

4. The submission of proposals of programmes of study aimed at preparing students for regulated professions to the Rector must be preceded by the issuance of a permission by a competent authority (regulator) - see Studijní programy – regulovaná povolání - Univerzita Karlova at cuni.cz.  Duration of consideration by a regulator is about 3 months.

5. The proposal of a PS is submitted by the Dean of a Faculty to the Rectrix (or Vice-Rector for the Conception and Quality of Education); the formal elements of the proposal are subject to control at the Department of Quality of Education and Accreditations (DQEA). Then the Rector refers the proposal to the Internal Evaluation Board of Charles University (IEB).

The time-limit for consideration of the proposal at the DQEA and by the IEB is 90 days from the delivery of the proposal; the time-limit does not include the time period during which formal and/or substantial elements of the proposal are rectified by the Faculty. Estimated duration of the accreditation process at the Rectorate of CU is 3-5 months (it is necessary to take into account summer and Christmas vacation).

6. A PS must be granted authorisation to be implemented before the conditions for admission to study are published.

Conditions for admission to a new programme of study can be published later than set by the schedule of admissions procedure but not later than 2 months before the entrance examination (at least 1 month for filing an application for admission, and at least 1 month for sending an invitation to attend the entrance examination). The authorisation should be granted to a new PS no later than 3 months before intended entrance examinations.

The repeated grant of authorisation or extended authorisation to implement a PS

7. Authorisation to implement a PS can be repeated (“extension of accreditation”); or it can be expanded with data contained in the resolution of IEB (usually with the form of study, specialisation, other institutions, etc.).

8. The procedure for granting repeated authorisation of a PS (Prodloužení studijního programu - Univerzita Karlova (cuni.cz)) or extended authorisation of a PS (Rozšíření studijního programu - Univerzita Karlova (cuni.cz)) is similar to the procedure applicable to the submission of a new proposal for a PS with one exception: it is not necessary to notify the Rector of the intention to submit a proposal for PS.

9. The deadline for submission of a proposal for the repeated granting of authorisation for a PS is posted on the website of the IEB Rada pro vnitřní hodnocení - Univerzita Karlova (cuni.cz) in the final paragraph of the part entitled “Competency”. Terms are determined in such a way that conditions for admission to the respective programme of study can be published on the regular date in compliance with the Schedule of Admissions Procedure.

10. Conditions for admission can be published regarding programmes of study the authorisation of which applies at least until 31 December of the academic year for which the conditions are published.

Conditions for admission to a PS which was recently granted repeated authorisation (i.e. was extended) can be exceptionally published later than determined in the Schedule of Admissions Procedure (see item 6 above).

Publication of admission in a shorter period is inapplicable to a PS individually extended with new curricula (specialisation, curricula for double-curriculum study, other forms of study, curriculum with a foreign university).

Substantial changes in a PS in the course of existence of authorisation

11. Changes can occur between individual grants or extensions of authorisation for a PS. Substantial changes that impact upon the profile of a graduate, content of the final state examination, and/or significantly alter the staffing of the PS, and that are stipulated in Article 19 of Rector´s Directive n. 13/2019, must be submitted for consideration to IEB in compliance with methodology manual Změna ve studijním programu - Univerzita Karlova (cuni.cz).



Should a PS fall outside areas of study covered by institutional accreditation of Charles University, an application for accreditation must be submitted to the National Accreditation Authority (NAA). The accreditation procedure and schedule should then include consideration of an accreditation application by NAA.


Accreditation procedure (items 1-5, 7, 8, 11) is governed by the Accreditation Code of CU (Articles 11, 14, 18


Publication of conditions for admissions procedure (items 6 and 10) can be consulted with the legal and methodological support section of the Student Affairs Department.

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