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We would like to bring your attention to the inappropriate business practices conducted by the "company" International Student Network (ISN), previously also known as Charles International School (CIS). Please, do not confuse these two names with the prestigious Erasmus Student Network (ESN) or Charles University itself.

The ISN is in fact not a company but a registered association (= "zapsaný spolek"; ID 08579971) with its offices at Holečkova street 3362/53, 150 00, Prague. See the Czech Business Register for more details. Founded in 2019 by an Ukrainian citizen Anna Malyk, this association claims to help the unsuspecting applicants with placemement to any of the biggest universitites in Czechia, with VISA paperwork and even to provide additional after-arrival services.

We strongly advise our potential applicants and prospective students NOT TO engage in way with the said International Student Network. They fail to deliver on their promises, leaving only deceived applicants.

Charles University has already initiated legal countermeasures to STOP such activities from happening.

Last change: November 29, 2022 14:16 
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