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Mgr. Ondřej Pejcha, Ph.D.

PI of Primus and ERC Starting grant, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

„The Primus programme allowed me to return to Charles University after getting my PhD at Ohio State University and carrying out postdoctoral research at Princeton. This created a place for me and secured the running of the team. I came to Prague in September 2017, and a year later, I received a ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council for researching the interaction of binary stars.”

Why work at Charles University?

Charles University is the oldest university in central Europe and has maintained its high level of social authority and prestige over the years. It is a globally recognized leading research institution that combines high-quality science, research, and education on a domestic and international level. It is a place where modern methods and technologies are used for science and education.

Charles University is the largest Czech university. Currently, approximately 51,000 students attend the university, i.e. 13% of all universities in the Czech Republic. Charles University as a whole regularly ranks internationally among the most important universities in the world, and in certain fields, among the top universities. Charles University is profiled as a cosmopolitan university that attracts foreign students, academics, and researchers. As a part of internationalization, Charles University participates, for example, in the 4EU+ project, which supports international inter-university collaboration.

A complex system of support for science and research has been implemented at Charles University that is unparalleled in the environment of Czech higher education. Charles University regularly achieves the highest ranking among Czech universities in the number of results in science and research in Czech academic ratings. Research projects and activities create one third of the revenue of Charles University, and academics and researchers make up more than half of the university’s employees. We also provide counselling and advisory services to applicants for ERC or MSCA IF from abroad who would like to have Charles University as a host institution. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact our Research Support Team at .

The European Centre at Charles University provides comprehensive advisory services to its researchers (such as searching for grants, assistance in writing applications, or signing consortium agreements). You may also join Charles University through various grant programmes.

Have a look at the official video of Charles University.

Mgr. Otomar Sláma

Director of CUIP, s. r. o.

„While scientists work on innovations that push society forward and colleagues in the Centre for the Transfer of Knowledge and Technology process and develop these ideas, our job is to find an appropriate investor. In practice, for example, thanks to our scientists, the liquid in the test tube becomes a new drug that saves lives. In other words, working at CUIP under the auspices of Charles University is a mission that moves human society forward.“

What we offer

We offer a top-quality workplace and the option to take advantage of all of Charles University libraries and to access their resources. Charles University also promotes academic and researcher mobility for its academic staff. In addition, we offer a full range of benefits: five weeks of leave, five days of personal development, meal vouchers, intra-university discounts and benefits, educational opportunities, recreation, and others.

Every year, Charles University nominates its academic and research staff and students for a number of awards. Some awards are given directly by the university, some are awarded by other institutions to which the university forwards its nomination.

Mgr. Zuzana Poláková

Head of UK Point

"At UK Point, we answer 6,000 e-mail and 3,000 telephone inquiries annually, issue thousands of student and employee IDs, organize over 100 seminars and events, look after a network of more than 2,200 members of the Alumni Club and nearly 500 students who use some from the services of the Carolina Center. Those are nice numbers. But it is much nicer for us that there is a specific person behind each of them."

All employees may use free of charge the services of CU Point, the Centre for Information, Counselling, and Social Services of Charles University, which offers a lot of interesting and useful information and services. For additional practical information, the Handbook for New Employees is available.

Charles University received the prestigious HR Award. This award is granted to institutions that have signed the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. Based on the Charter and the Code of Conduct, Charles University implements the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R), the same as other research institutions throughout Europe, whose goal is to improve the quality of care for human resources, working conditions, and professional growth of research staff.

Prof. MUDr. Milena Králíčková, Ph.D.


„The university supports the return of employees from maternity or parental leave with flexible working hours and a gradual return to work, i.e. part-time work. When the nature of the position permits, we also offer work from home. At the Institute of Histology and Embryology and at the Student Affairs Office of the Rector’s Office, which I manage, I make sure that colleagues are really offered the option of early return from maternity leave, whatever is best for them. I have realized many times that these colleagues do the work of ten, and often with incredible motivation and enthusiasm.“

Competitive hiring procedures for academic staff

The competitive hiring procedures for the academic staff are governed by the Competitive Hiring Process Code of Charles University, which is an internal regulation of the university. Charles University promotes the principles of open, transparent, and impartial hiring procedures, in accordance with the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. During the hiring process and even after the procedures take place, the principles of the protection of personal data are upheld.

Hiring procedures normally take place in two rounds, and the applicants are evaluated by a committee, which appoints a minutes taker (at a faculty, the dean, otherwise the rector). The first round of the hiring procedure involves the evaluation of the applicant’s written documents. The evaluation of the candidates is carried out on the basis of the knowledge gained, and the committee decides which candidates have fulfilled the terms and conditions of the hiring procedure.

Bc. Angelika Hájková

Head of HR department of FSS

"We try to create a friendly atmosphere and a pleasant working environment for our employees. We do everything we can to make sure they are happy to work here. We make sure that working with us allows everyone to balance their work and family life. Everyone who is looking for a job with a stable employer, wants to apply their knowledge and skills and further develop themselves has a chance to get a job with us. University is interesting and motivating environment that makes this possible. We always follow the principles of equal treatment."

The committee then usually invites the selected candidates to the second round, which is an interview. The committee could ask the candidate to give a public lecture at the university or the faculty. The candidate must be informed in advance of this possibility in the published terms of the hiring procedure.

During the evaluation of the candidates, the committee takes into account theireducation and research activities and also considers other aspects of their overall experience, such as communication skills, mobility, managerial skills, etc. The committee takes minutes of the proceedings and the outcome. The minutes include the ranking of the applicants and justification of the ranking. Thereafter, the university notifies each candidate whether or not they have been accepted on the basis of the hiring procedure.

For other employee positions (non-academic), the procedures are simpler and more flexible.

Mgr. Petr Gallus, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean for Development, Protestant Theological Faculty

„What makes our faculty interesting and what also makes it protestant theology is the people: colleagues in the study rooms and libraries and visitors to the library, students in the classrooms, and nice people in the café – otherwise it would just be any ordinary faculty.“

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