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„The core of a university are people. They are the bearers of the institutional culture, which is decisive for the standard of education, research and internal governance. Outstanding scholars and teachers are able to unlock the potential of students, who, thanks to that, come up with questions, new ideas and solutions, continue where their predecessors were not able or allowed to go. If we are to reduce the gap between ourselves and the world's best universities, care for people, their talents, and their experience, intuition and expertise must be our top priority. The best people make the best university.“ (Strategic Plan of CU 2021 – 2025). 

Charles University recognises that even the best can face a number of different obstacles, and therefore prioritises equal opportunities. In 2022, the CU Gender Equality Plan was approved, followed by the establishment of the Equal Opportunities Board. This agenda encompasses not only the issue of gender equality, but also support for carers, students or employees with various types of disadvantages, the reconciliation of family and work life, ensuring a safe environment, and other areas. Creating an equal opportunities culture and a safe environment also included the creation and filling of the position of university-wide ombudsman.

Charles University is also committed to equal treatment and non-discrimination through other basic documents:

Agenda Management

Member of Rector´s Board

Ing. Lenka Henebergová

Member of the Rector's Board for Social Affairs and Sustainable Development

CU Point - Equal Opportunities Agenda Coordinator

Mgr. Iveta Bayerová

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