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Charles University is one of the leading research universities in Central Europe. Its aim is to combine teaching and research on the premise that high-quality education is best achieved when teachers are also active internationally in their respective fields.

As an institution, the university (including its historic German branch) has been the alma mater or temporary academic home of four Nobel Prize winners: Albert Einstein, Gerty and Carl Cori, and Jaroslav Heyrovský. Today, it remains an undisputed leader in Czech research.

The online Web of Science database ranks the university as the most productive research institution in the Czech Republic together with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Achievements by Charles University researchers that most-recently received considerable publicity include:

  • a major contribution to the discovery of the Higgs boson with the aid of CERN’s Atlas particle detector

  • the discovery of a unique set of statues of high dignitaries buried during the Fifth Dynasty in Ancient Egypt

  • successive discoveries of genes responsible for serious hereditary metabolic diseases

  • the study of universal species-area relationships in a number of natural environments

Independent research by students, especially in doctoral programs, is funded by the university's own Grant Agency.

Another important aspect of research work is the academic advancement of university staff. This section of the website therefore also includes information on habilitations and promotions to full professorship. The highest academic titles are Associate Professor and Professor.

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