How to Apply

Charles University has 17 independent faculties, and each faculty has its own specific application procedure and admission requirements. Therefore, Charles University has no centralised Admission Office.

Foundation programmes (language and preparatory courses) are offered by our Institute for Langauge and Preparatory Studies and some of the faculties.

For any news concerning admissions, please visit our news section.

1. Choose a study programme

Start with this introductory website which will take you further into our catalogue of study programmes and their admission requirements. Also, check out the faculty website for more information.

2. Submit the application form

Applications are mostly submitted directly via the catalogue, whereas some of our faculties have their own application forms available on their website. Do not forget to attach all the documents required by the faculty or send them in due time.

3. Pay the application fee

Once the fee is paid, your application is complete. Now, the faculty's Admission Office will start processing it further. Note the application deadlines.

4. Entrance exam (if required)

While some of our study programmes require an entrance examination, other evaluate the applicants solely on the basis of provided documents and certificates. Exemptions are specified in the admission requirements for the chosen study programme (available in our catalogue).

Invitation letter

If an entrance exam is required, wait for your invitation letter.

Short-term visa

Applicants with visa duty taking the entrance examination in the Czech Republic are advised to apply for a short-term visa in a timely manner.

5. Recognition of your previous education

If you are still working towards your certificates or diplomas, don't worry. Unless specified otherwise, all the recognised documents must be submitted to the faculty by the enrolment date at the latest. Learn more about the recognition process.

6. Letter of acceptance


Long-term visa or residence permit

With this letter in hand, admitted students with visa duty can apply for a long-term visa or residence permit. Please, do so in a timely manner.

7. Enrolment and matriculation

The date of your enrolment is determined by the faculty's Study Affairs or International Office. After the commencement of the academic year, students are welcome to join their first official academic ceremony – matriculation.

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