Entrance Exams

All applicants who submit the required materials by the deadline will be invited to sit an entrance exam (if one is required). Entrance examinations are normally held within the period of May to June/July, unless the faculty determines otherwise.

Information for applicants interested in Medicine or Dentistry

For the English-taught study programmes, the entrance exams are conducted in the English language. Although some of our faculties cooperate with agencies abroad, in most cases, you need to come to the Czech Republic for the exam. For further details and requirements, please visit the catalogue of study programmes and the website of the chosen faculty.

For the Czech-taugh study programmes, entrance exams are conducted in the Czech language. International applicants have to meet the same admission requirements as Czech students and, additionally, some may be required to demonstrate their Czech language proficiency (if they have completed their previous education outside of the Czech Republic). Each faculty has different language requirements: some require a language certificate (e.g. B1, B2, C1), some have their own Czech language test integrated into the entrance examination. For others, it is sufficient when the applicant passes the entrance exam fully conducted in the Czech language. For specific language requirements please visit the catalogue of study programmes.

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