Medicine and Dentistry

General information

Charles University offers five distinct study programmes in General Medicine and three programmes in Dentstry. Both options are available in English or Czech languages. You can compare their admission requirements here:

Submitting separate applications for multiple study programmes is possible, even encouraged, as it gives you higher chances of being admitted.

All our study programmes are uninterrupted – not divided into Bachelor’s and Master’s level. General Medicine lasts for 6 years and leads you to the Master’s degree MUDr. (Medicinae Universae Doctor = Doctor of General Medicine). Dentistry lasts for 5 years and culminates in the Master’s degree MDDr. (Medicinae Dentium Doctor = Doctor of Dental Medicine).

After completing the Master’s degree, graduates may find a job straight away, continue onto a Ph.D. programme, and/or enrol in a specialisation training (most often).

Other study options

Prospective students also often consider applying for a study programme in Pharmacy or [Natural] Science.

If you already hold a Bachelor's degree in Medicine, Science or any other related field, you might consider a follow-up Master's studies of Pharmaceutical Sciences or Addictology.

Study programmes General Nursing, Paediatric Nursing, and Intensive Care are offered in Czech Language only. The language barrier can be overcome by joining our language courses first.

Preparation for admissions

If you find questions in the sample tests down below challenging, we have a solution for you. Foundation programmes at Charles University are great opportunity for you to maximize the chances of passing the entrance exams.

  • improve your knowledge of general biology, medical biology, chemistry, physics, and medical ethics

  • acquire basic knowledge of Latin, field-specific English, and Czech

  • get support when adjusting to a new culture

  • find guidance through the admission procedure

  • ease your further university studies

Find out more about foundation programmes

Foundation programmes are available in both English and Czech languages.

Overview of our medical faculties

Charles University has five faculties of medicine, three of which are in Prague, one is located in Pilsen and one in Hradec Králové. Names of the Prague faculties include numbers signifying the order in which they were established. All of them are independent institutions of equal standing, each having its own medical facilities and Admissions Offices. They all offer degree programmes in English and the awarded degrees are comparable. The curriculum is fully compatible with the current international standards and is accredited by the European Union.

There are differences mainly as to the:

  • teaching methods

  • size of the student body

  • student-staff ratio

  • admissions criteria

  • location

  • tuition fees

All medical faculties offer entrance examination in Czechia and abroad, some also online. See the list of representatives below for available dates and locations.

First Faculty of Medicine

Located right in the beating heart of Prague, it is the oldest medical faculty in Central Europe. Besides studying the classically-designed curriculum of General Medicine, Dentistry is also available. With its seven clinical facilities and the largest student community, it is also the biggest medical school in Czechia.

Undergraduate programmes: General Medicine (6 years), Dentistry (5 years)

Annual tuition fee: EUR 24,250 (both General Medicine and Dentistry)

Number of international students (approx.): 800-900

Admission rate (5-year average): 29%

Graduation rate (5-year average): 56%

Location: Prague

Application deadline: April 30

Contact:; phone +420 224 964 378

Second Faculty of Medicine

The favourable teacher-student ratio allows much more personal approach. This creates tighter, almost family-style community, and influences the teaching methods featuring smaller study circles. To this day, the faculty still maintains its focus on paediatry. Students have access to the biggest clinical facility in the country and one of the biggest in all Europe, the Motol University Hospital.

Undergraduate programme: General Medicine (6 years)

Annual tuition fee: EUR 16,840

Number of international students (approx.): 200-300

Admission rate (5-year average): 24%

Graduation rate (5-year average): 47%

Location: Prague

Application deadline: April 30

Contact:; phone: +420 224 435 833

Third Faculty of Medicine

Based on the US system, this faculty is the only medical school in Central and Eastern Europe to offer the revised integrated curriculum. Its modules allow students to gain more comprehensive understanding of each subject matter. The acquisition of practical skills is emphasized as students meet patients already in the first year.

Undergraduate programme: General Medicine (6 years)

Annual tuition fee: EUR 16,840

Number of international students (approx.): 500-600

Admission rate (5-year average): 36,5%

Graduation rate (5-year average): 51%

Location: Prague

Application deadline: March 31 / April 30

Contact:; phone +420 267 102 189

Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

The Pilsen faculty is located in a brand-new campus with all the clinical facilities nearby. The modern campus also includes a state-of-the-art Biomedical Centre with great research opportunities and our most advanced Simulation Centre. Studying Dentistry here is ever-increasingly popular. The affordable living costs and super easy west-ward traveling through Germany make Pilsen quite the irresistible study destination.

Undergraduate programmes: General Medicine (6 years), Dentistry (5 years)

Annual tuition fee: EUR 15,820 (General Medicine and Dentistry)

Number of international students (approx.): 500

Admission rate (5-year average): 47,5%

Graduation rate (5-year average): 58,5%

Location: Pilsen

Application deadline: April 30

Contact:; phone +420 377 593 116

Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové

The Hradec faculty offers family atmosphere and vibrant student life for students of Medicine and Dentistry alike. Together with several other university institutions, it lends this beautiful college town a youthful and international touch. Its picturesque architecture, extensive greenery, and nearby mountains make it a dream-like destination for any active student. Everything is within walking distance. New campus including the Faculty of Pharmacy is currently under construction.

Undergraduate programmes: General Medicine (6 years), Dentistry (5 years)

Annual tuition fee: EUR 16,220 (General Medicine); EUR 16,630 (Dentistry)

Number of international students (approx.): 300-400

Admission rate (5-year average): 37%

Graduation rate (5-year average): 51%

Location: Hradec Králové

Application deadline: April 30

Contact:; phone +420 495 816 487 (or -178, -438 at the end)

Why we have five medical faculties?

Our faculties of medicine follow the long tradition of medical education at Charles University that constituted one of its four original pillars of knowledge since the foundation in 1348. In the 1882/83 academic year, the Faculty of Medicine was divided into Czech and German institutions, alongside the entire university. Following the events on November 17, 1939, Nazis closed the Czech University altogether and reopened only in May 1945. The following year, the German University was shut down, while the (Czech) Faculty of Medicine acquired the property of the former German Faculty of Medicine.

In 1945, the Faculty of Medicine also established two of its branches outside the capital, which later became independent institutions:

In 1953, the Ministry of Higher Education split the Faculty of Medicine in Prague into three independent faculties with slightly different focuses:

You may apply to all our medical faculties at once, but you have to complete a separate application to every faculty. Each faculty has specific entry requirements and entrance exams. For more details about the defferences, please visit this blog post where all the medical faculties of CU are discussed, including their examination criteria.

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