Specialization training programme (in Czech only)

After completing a Master’s degree (or an equivalent), students can continue in a specialization training programme to attain qualifications in one of the fields of specialization.

Specialization training is realized alongside the student’s full-time employment in an accredited medical facility and involves interaction with patients. For this reason, a sufficient level of the Czech language is required. The entire programme is realized in the Czech language only.

Recognition of the Qualification (Approbation Exam)

Physicians, dentists and pharmacists who as foreign nationals have obtained medical qualification outside the European Union and wish to practice their profession in the Czech Republic or the European Union must pass the Approbation exam. Knowledge of the Czech language is one of the requirements for the successful passing of the Approbation exam.

The exam is prepared and organized by the Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education

Approbation exam - information in Czech

Approbation exam - information in English

Approbation exam - information in Russian


The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic:

Tereza Krafková , phone: +420 224 972 401

Eva Brychová , phone: +420 224 972 420 420 

Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education (IPVZ):

Jitka Doleželová: , phone: +420 271 019 251

Mgr. Tereza Šplíchalová , phone: +420 271 019 327

Mgr. Mariia Ponomarenko, Ph.D. , telefon: 271 019 265

PhDr. Eva Morávková (Preparatory courses) , phone: +420 261 092 458

The above-mentioned medical workers (people, who received the basic qualification outside European Union, outside the Agreement of European Economic and Social Committee or outside Swiss confederation and none of the mentioned states recognized their basic qualification) are qualified to perform their medical profession on the territory of the Czech Republic:

  • on the basis of successful passing of the Approbation exam

  • after proving the state of being healthy enough to perform medical profession

  • after providing the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic with criminal record

  • after proving the sufficient level of Czech needed to perform the medical profession, both spoken and written (ability to speak Czech on the adequate level to perform the medical profession is tested during the qualification examination),

Specialization Training Programme (Information)

Prospective students fill an online application form on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic or at the website of the respective faculty of medicine. A completed application form needs to be saved, printed and sent with all the required documents (see below) to the Department of Specialisation Training of the respective faculty:

First Faculty of Medicine

Oddělení specializačního a celoživotního vzdělávání (OSCV)

Kateřinská 32

121 08 Praha 2

Second Faculty of Medicine

Kancelář specializačního vzdělávání

V Úvalu 84

150 06 Praha 5

Third Faculty of Medicine in Prague

Oddělení specializačního vzdělávání

Ruská 87

100 00 Praha 10

Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

Oddělení specializačního vzdělávání

Husova 3

306 05 Plzeň

Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove

Oddělení specializačního vzdělávání

Šimkova 870

500 38 Hradec Králové 1

Applicants for specialization who acquired their qualifications outside of the Czech Republic must submit

  • a notarised copy of their university diploma

  • a copy of the state exam certificate or a copy of the diploma supplement

  • a decision from the Ministry of Health of recognition of their qualification to practice medicine in the Czech Republic (at this stage, the applicants are required to demonstrate their Czech language proficiency)

  • a receipt showing that the applicant has paid the fee for issuing a logbook

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