Documents and Registers

· Awarding academic titles (Mgr., JUDr., RNDr., ThLic., PhDr., PharmDr., ThDr.)

· Processing and publication of the report on admissions procedures

· Administration of the register of students, pursuant to Section 88 of Act no. 111/1998 Sb.

· Registers of graduates of bachelor’s and master’s programmes of study

· Registers of rigorosum procedures

· Issues relating to diplomas, including related conceptual and methodological activities

· Collecting materials about studies for the annual report

· Issuing supplements to diplomas and duplicates of supplements to diplomas

A graduate of Charles University who refuses to attend the

graduation ceremony or who is unable to attend the graduation ceremony requests in writing to be excluded from the graduation ceremony, stating the reason for not attending the ceremony at the faculty. After the graduate receives information from the faculty that their university diploma is prepared, they should visit the university rector’s office (the Student Affairs Department) to sign the graduate register (an ID card or passport is required).

Based on the confirmation issued here, the graduate receives their university diploma from the faculty. Only a person who presents a power of attorney can represent the graduate. A supplement to the diploma is also issued to the graduate at the same time as the university diploma.

In accordance with Rector’s Directive no. 16/2023, Charles University diplomas are issued in Latin. If you need to translate a diploma, you can contact a translator from the list of court-appointed translators.

Note: Copies of diplomas are issued by the Archives of Charles University


Charles University

Student Affairs Department – Documents, Registers and Recognition of Foreign Degrees

Ovocný trh 560/5

116 36 Prague 1

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Office hours:

Documents and registers


9 a.m. – 12 noon and 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.


9 a.m. – 12 noon and 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.


Mgr. Dominika Nesvadbová


Phone: +420 224 491 261

Stockhaus, Ground floor, office 006

Mgr. Kateřina Málková


Phone: +420 224 491 263

Stockhaus, Ground floor, office 006

Bc. Eliška Borovková


Phone: +420 224 491 258

Stockhaus, Ground floor, office 006

Mgr. Vendula Kubátová - parental leave

Ing. Kateřina Molová - parental leave

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