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Diploma Recognition

a) Recognition of secondary and higher foreign education for applicants to study programmes at Charles University (CU)

Recognition of foreign secondary education and higher education for the purposes of the admission procedure - for applicants to study programmes at Charles University only

This recognition is valid only for the purposes of admission procedure

The previous foreign education is assessed directly by the student’s chosen faculty


Forms of verification by the country

Further information including contacts and deadlines for submitting documents of previous foreign education to your chosen faculty can be found at the faculty website.

b) General recognition of foreign higher (university) education - processed by Charles University

Recognition of foreign higher education for all graduates of foreign higher education institutions who need the recognition for the purpose of further study at any other university or for the purpose of employment (or other reasons) - HERE

c) General recognition of foreign secondary school diplomas

Graduates of foreign schools who have received a certificate confirming completion of primary, secondary or higher vocational education may apply for the recognition to the Regional Authority - HERE (scroll down the page for the English version) or visit this website for more information.

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