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Charles University is actively involved in preparing specific procedures that offer support to Ukrainian and other international students studying at Ukrainian universities. Individual faculties of CU have already published their adjusted admission requirements. You can find them in our overview of degree programmes still open for application only for UA applicants (available also here). The same database also lists all degree programmes available at CU, so you can better understand what's available. Furthermore, it is also possible to see only the degree programmes still open for application for all applicants (including non-UA citizens). If you need to find your way around the wide range of programmes, use our Na Karlovku portal (in Czech) or its English version, Study Charles. You can search by areas of your interest. On the website, you will also find presentations of all 17 faculties of CU and information about life at the University. Do not forget to check out the general information on how to apply to CU.

1. Ukrainian university students with UA citizenship

You can choose any of the degree programmes available at CU and inquire about the possibility of becoming a freemover by contacting the respective faculty coordinator and, if possible, scheduling an appointment. As a freemover, you are still officially enrolled at your home university, and your short-term stay at CU is understood only as mobility (with the end date of February 2023 – the end of our winter semester). As a freemover, you are expected to participate in a Czech language course and apply for regular degree studies at CU (either in Czech or in English).

2. Ukrainian applicants for full-time degree studies

At this moment, you may still apply as a regular applicant for some study programmes starting in October 2022 (winter semester). If the application deadline for your chosen study programme is still open, you may take part in the admission procedure. We encourage you to explore the above-mentioned database of available study programmes with admissions open specifically for UA refugees (incl. their current admission requirements, regular application deadlines etc.) at our University and apply directly through it.

Some degree programmes may require you to take a General Academic Prerequisities (GAP) examination or field-specific test. These will be available in the Ukrainian language (besides Czech, Slovak, and English) on August 20, both online and in person. You can visit the SCIO website for more information.

Studies in English are mostly paid. The fees, as well as requirements, depend on the particular study programme. On the other hand, studies in Czech are free, but you need to meet the same application and admission requirements as Czech students + some faculties require a Czech language certificate.

3. International students from UA universities

The regular application deadline for the academic year 2022/2023 has already passed for most of our study programmes. We expect the deadlines to be similar also next year. However, some of them are still open for application. Their list is available in the above-mentioned database of currently open admissions.

Medicine and Dentistry

Charles University has five independent faculties (schools) of medicine. Each of the faculties is in different buildings in various locations of the city and is equipped with its own medical facilities. All of the faculties of medicine offer degree programmes in English – a 6-year undergraduate Master's programme in General Medicine leading to the Master's degree MUDr. Three of those faculties also offer a 5-year Master's programme in Dentistry leading to the Master's degree MDDr. Applicants may also choose Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove.

General Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy study programmes are not divided into Bachelor's and Master's (post-bachelor) degrees; the entire curriculum lasts 5 or 6 years, respectively. Each faculty has its own specific entry requirements and entrance exams. You may apply to all medical faculties, but you would have to apply to each faculty separately. The application deadline for General Medicine and Dentistry for the academic year 2022/2023 has already passed. However, it is still possible to apply for the study program Pharmacy until September 10, 2022.


The rules governing admissions do not specify the term "transfer". You need to apply as a regular applicant first, meet the admission requirements and enter the first year. Only after then you could ask for the recognition of credits you have already received for identical courses. However, their recognition cannot be guaranteed beforehand. Therefore, we recommend you to contact the respective faculty and consult your options.

Recognition of foreign education ("nostrification") 

For admission, you will need to submit documents (verified copy of your diploma) to assess your previous higher or secondary education. In case you are missing some of the documents, an affidavit will suffice. Read more about the nostrification and other useful information. Also, please note that CU is entitled to make decisions regarding degree programmes of corresponding/similar content that are offered at CU. In case of any further questions, please contact (and make an appointment) directly at:

Rectorate, Charles University

Ovocný trh 5, 116 36 Prague 1

Contact: nostrifikace@ruk.cuni.cz

Czech language courses

Our Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies (ILPS) currently offers an intensive two-semester Czech language course for Ukrainian students who have recently finished secondary school and would like to continue their studies at a university. The language preparatory course will be offered for free to 75 Ukrainian students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds thanks to the donation of The Kellner Family Foundation. It is possible to apply until July 31.

Almost 300 Ukrainian applicants will have the opportunity to study for free in the other types of Czech language courses for Ukrainians, which the ILPS will open thanks to the support of the J&T Foundation. During the summer holidays and the winter semester, students can enrol in the Summer School for Ukraine, basic crash courses and intensive and non-intensive (i.e., morning or evening) courses. We encourage you to visit our institute's website for details about other courses, including the online application forms.

You may also explore other available language learning opportunities of your choice, such as those listed on the official website of Prague or see other options provided by the Prague Integration Centre etc. (for contacts, see below).

Financial assistance

Foreigners with the temporary protection status due to the armed conflict in Ukraine are exempted from the duty to pay the application fee.

All Ukrainian students admitted to CU in 2022, either as freemovers or enrolled in regular study programmes, will receive a monthly scholarship to cover their basic needs (accommodation, food, language courses etc.) until February 2023 – the end of our winter semester. This offer expires if the applicant fails the entrance exam or will not join the regular study programme, once accepted. CU also offers to its students Psychological Counselling in English free of charge.

Regarding other scholarships, financial support for students is organised by individual faculties, some of which also offer merit-based scholarships for outstanding students (after the first year of studies) and other options. The exact amount is set by the internal regulations of the respective faculty. Learn more about the scholarships and bursary rules at CU. For information on governmental scholarships, please visit the website of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Further, you are welcome to visit also the following websites:


You can use the helpline mainly for general questions, to help you find a required contact or to guide you in dealing with various situations (e.g., admission requirements, accommodation, language courses).

For more specific inquiries, please get in touch with the faculty coordinator directly. Further advisory services regarding study options at CU are offered by CU Point (in Czech or English).

CU Point, Charles University

Celetná 13, Prague 1

Contact: +420 224 491 850; info@cuni.cz

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We also recommend contacting the following centres and institutions for more information on available means of help:


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