I'm a student at Charles University

You can use the helpline mainly for general questions, to help you find a contact or to guide you in dealing with various situations (e.g. admission requirements, accommodation, language courses). For specific questions, please contact the coordinator at your faculty directly. You can find the contact details here.

Are you suffering from psychological problems? Do you need psychological counselling in connection with the war in Ukraine? Expert individual consultations are provided by the Carolina Centre. You can make an appointment via the app. If you have not found an available appointment in the app, please e-mail to , we will try to arrange a consultation as soon as possible.

A link to off-campus crisis services can be found here.

Are you studying and need to change your study plan?

Here are the options you can currently utilise:

  • Individual Study Plan

    In the occasion that you cannot fully devote yourself to your studies due to the war situation, you can apply at the faculty for an individual study plan to adjust the deadlines of your study requirements.

  • Possibility to pause your studies

    Interruption of studies is possible at the request of the student, e.g., if you have been issued with a call-up order. However, if you interrupt your studies, you lose your student status. The period of interruption will be included in the maximum duration of your studies. If you need to interrupt your studies, please contact your faculty.


  • Students at risk of dropping out

    If you have not earned enough credits, repeatedly have not passed a course, etc., contact the faculty you are studying at.

Have you found yourself in a difficult financial situation?

  • Scholarship in case of an acute hardship of a student at Charles University

    The scholarship is primarily intended for students of Charles University, including students directly and indirectly affected by the war in Ukraine. More info here. For more information please contact UK POINT – Centrum Carolina.

  • Accommodation support scholarship

    Students can use the scholarship to support accommodation. Specific conditions can be found here. Contact:

  • Temporary jobs offer

    If you would like to receive information about temporary jobs at Charles University by e-mail, please write to . You will be added to the list of students to whom we send information about possible extra work on an irregular basis.

Scholarships cannot be granted automatically to everyone. The application is always subject to an individual assessment. Other scholarships are also offered by individual faculties - we recommend contacting your faculty.

Accommodation for Charles University students

We offer you the possibility of accommodation in the facilities of Charles University, information can be found here.

Assistance at faculties

Many forms of assistance are offered not only by the university but also by individual faculties. You can use the following contacts or contact the study department of your faculty.

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