Citizens of the EU / EFTA

Students who are EU or EFTA nationals (i.e. citizens of the EU member states, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland) do not require a visa to study here. It is enough to arrive with a valid passport (or national ID card).

BREXIT – Information for UK citizens

Upon arrival

You are obliged to register with the appropriate Foreign Police Department within 30 days of arrival (in case your intended stay exceeds these 30 days). However, this obligation is not necessary if your accommodation provider (e.g. student residence hall, hostel, hotel) has already done so.

Foreign Police Departments

Residence card

´If you are staying in the Czech Republic for a period exceeding 3 months, you have the right to apply for a certificate of temporary residence or a permanent residence permit.

Along with the certificate, you will receive a special card (also known as a European card) that officially confirms your short-term address in the Czech Republic. For this reason, ownership of this card can be very useful when communicating with authorities and institutions (opening a bank account, buying a mobile phone on contract, getting a temporary job, etc.). Especially if you need to prove your permanent address.

How to get Residence (European) Card

The Certificate of temporary residence/residence permit is processed and issued by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) scroll down for “STUDENTS WORKPLACE”). You will have to pay a certain processing fee to obtain the certificate.

Residency card

Keep in mind that having the European card comes with benefits (easier to prove to the authorities), but it also comes with responsibilities.

  • After obtaining your residence card, you are bound to report any changes to the information contained on it, again, to the Ministry of the Interior.

  • For stays without any residence card, these changes are to be reported to the relevant 

    Foreign Police Department.

  • After the end of your studies or exchange, remember to return the card 3 days before leaving the country.

If you have any questions regarding your stay for the purpose of studies, do not hesitate and contact officers from the Ministry of the Interior, Department for Asylum and Migration Policy (Students Workplace) via e-mail at , phone at +420 974 820 680 or their hotline. You may also use services provided by dedicated NGOs (see here and here).

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