Study Programmes in Foreign Languages

Charles University in Prague offers a great range of study programmes in Czech language, some faculties also provide study programmes in English, French and German language for international students. Studies at the university can be undertaken in the form of full-time internal studies or in the form of part-time external studies. Bachelor studies at CU faculties are normally three- to four- year programmes (internal or external), and may be self-contained degrees orientated to future employment, or taken as a first step towards a master s degree. These studies culminate in bachelor examinations, which qualify the student either to enter employment at the appropriate level, or to continue studies for a master s degree. Graduates obtain a bachelor s diploma and the title Bachelor (shortened to Bc.).

Master's studies take a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of 6 years, and 2 or 3 years if following on from a bachelor degree. Broader and more academically demanding than bachelor studies, master s studies are completed by the submission and defence of diploma thesis and a state examination in the subject concerned. The graduate of master s studies in the arts, social science, natural science, and theological faculties gains the title Master (shortened to Mgr.). Graduates of medical studies (usually 6 year studies), who pass state examinations, are awarded the academic title of Doctor of General Medicine (shortened to MUDr.).

Postgraduate Doctoral Studies one of the priorities of CU train students in independent research work and provide them with the appropriate qualifications in the given academic discipline. Those who successfully complete doctoral studies, usually taking three years and culminating in a doctoral examination and the public defence of doctoral (dissertation) thesis, obtain (with the exception of postgraduate students in medicine) the academic title of Doctor ( Ph.D. ).

Besides the degree programmes mentioned above, CU offers several nondegree programmes and summer schools.

Academic Year

Studies are divided into two semesters (winter and summer) or into blocks. Each semester, year or block consists of teaching periods, examination periods and vacations. The academic year is 12 calendar months long. The fall semester starts at the end of September and summer semester starts in the middle of February. The number of teaching weeks and the length of the examination period are determined by the dean of the respective faculty.

Entry Requirements

The basic condition for entrance into any CU faculty is graduation from secondary school or secondary vocational school, assessed in the Czech Republic by Maturity examinations, payment of administrative fee for application and successful passing of entrance examinations administered by the faculties themselves. Entry into 2 3 year master s programmes following on from bachelor degrees is based on submission of certificate of graduation from bachelor s studies and an entrance examination, and entry into doctoral programmes is based on submission of certificate of graduation from master s studies and an entrance examination. More specific entry requirements are determined in accordance with the law by the Dean of the faculty, normally after agreement in the Academic Senate of the faculty.

In order to give applicants enough time to choose their area of study a list of available courses is published in the press every year. Information about study possibilities is available throughout the year at the study departments of each faculty; information concerning postgraduate studies can also be obtained from the research departments. Another source of information is the web site of the respective faculty, Rectorate of Charles University (Department for Study Matters), and its Information and Advisory Centre.

Applying to Charles University in Prague

Charles University has 17 faculties. Each faculty has its own policy and application procedure. International applicants should apply for admission to the respective faculty directly. Applicants should submit the following documents:

  • Official application form (Faculties of CU have different application forms for studies in English. Application forms for studies in Czech are uniform for all universities in the Czech Republic. Application forms for studies in English may be obtained from the study department of the respective faculty or on its web site).

  • A notarized copy of high or secondary school graduation certificate, plus an official translation into Czech or English (if it was issued in a different language), and (if you completed your high school education abroad) a document from the Czech school authorities to say that your high school graduation certificate is recognised in the Czech Republic (so-called nostrifikace ).

  • Receipt to show that you have paid the application fee. It is approximately USD 30 50. The mode of payment will be included in the invitation letter to the entrance examinations.

Deadline for Applications

The application deadline for studies in Czech (bachelor and master s study programmes) is usually the last day of February prior to the school year in which you want your studies to commence. The deadline for doctoral studies is usually the middle or end of April. No extension of this deadline is possible. The deadline for submission of application for studies in English may be later then 28 February. It is different from faculty to faculty.

Entrance Exams

All applicants who submit the required materials by the deadline will be invited to sit an entrance exam. Entrance examinations are normally held within the period of May to June, unless the faculty determines otherwise with a view to adjustment to the period when foreign nationals obtain their certification. Entrance exams will be conducted primarily in the Czech language with the exception of exams for study programmes that will be taught in English. In that case entrance procedure is directed in English. Foreign nationals who did not attend high school in the Czech Republic (and consequently do not have a high school leaving exam in Czech) may be required to take an additional test to demonstrate their Czech language ability.

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