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In accordance with the The Competitive Hiring Process Code of Charles University, the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University announces opening of following positions with submission deadline July 30, 2023

Academic researcher at the Astronomical Institute of the Charles University in the salary class VP2 in the field of stellar and galactic astronomy.

Non-academic position
Workplace:Faculty of Mathematics and Physics - School of Physics - Astronomical Institute of Charles University
Salary Tariff:Research Scientists at universities, VP2
Expertise:Astronomy and astrophysics
Job Offer Code: 202307-VP2-MFF-AUUK-006
We offer salary in the class VP2. Expected amount of teaching is approximately 6 hours a week.
Qualification and Other Requirements:Ph.D academic degree in astronomy and astrophysics is required, as well as the experience from a foreign doctoral or post-doctoral stay in the field. It is assumed that the applicant already published her/his results in the field of galactic astrophysics or stellar astronomy. List of relevant publications will be attached to the application. Furthermore, the ability to combine scientific and pedagogical activities is required: (i) lectures in the field of galactic astronomy and cosmology, exercises and seminars in Czech and English, and (ii) supervision of student projects, bachelor's, diploma and doctoral theses.
Employment Type and Scope:Full time employment, 40 hours per week
Expected Start Date:January 01, 2024 or negotiable
Term contract:3 years


Please send the application and the required documents in digital form to the e-mail address positions@matfyz.cuni.cz. The job code of the position for which the application is being submitted should be indicated in the subject line.

Candidates who progress to the second round of the selection procedure will be invited to an interview. The interview may be conducted by means of information and communication technology if justified, at the request of the candidate. The Committee may invite selected candidates to give a lecture to the academic community of the Faculty.

Application Submission Deadline:July 30, 2023 at 00:00 CEST
Documents Required for the Application:
  • structured CV
  • proof of education
  • proof of Ph.D. degree
  • list of publication activity
  • description of previous experience
Published On: June 26, 2023

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