EUROPAEUM is a network of 18 leading European universities that connects students across study areas. The goal of the organization is to create a group of young people who will have professional and personal skills to lead people, cooperate and the will to positively influence Europe and its values. Students of various areas of member universities together discuss and solve issues related to Europe, while having the opportunity to cooperate with the bodies of the European Union and international non-profit organizations.

Scholars Programme 

The organization offers a highly prestigious doctoral programme to which the Charles University can nominate a student once a year. This is a two-year block programme that CU students can complete at the same time as their regular doctoral study. It is intended for students in the first or second year of doctoral studies with a focus on the humanities and social sciences. All eighteen member universities of the organization have contributed with their own expertise to the programme, which makes it one of the most comprehensive and international study programs that can be found in the European area.

Policy Seminars

It is an annual meeting of UK students with policy-makers from the European Commission in Brussels. At these meetings, students have the opportunity to discuss the future of the European Union on several levels of cooperation.


Vratislav Kozák

International Relation Office

Charles University, rectorate

Tel.: +420 224 491 301

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