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10 October 2023

Statement by the management of Charles University on the situation in Israel

Updated 12 October 2023

The management of Charles University strongly condemns any form of injustice, violence or aggression. The main role of academia is not only to educate, but also to unite and prevent hatred. The University will never become a place where any kind of intolerance or even hatred is encouraged. Just as we support democratic attitudes and equality on our campus, we must insist on them in our interactions with the wider global environment. Therefore, the leadership of Charles University appeals to all to continue to respect the rules of the academic environment and the spirit of the institution - Charles University.

The Management of Charles University

12 October 2023, Prague

Statement by the management of Charles University on the situation in Israel

10 October 2023

The management of Charles University strongly condemns any form of aggression and violence against the civilian population and terrorist attacks in the area.

"We are thinking of our students, their families and loved ones, and we will support them in the event of complications that may arise in connection with violence in their homes. Charles University is assisted by the actions of individual faculties, which have been identifying the actual needs of our international students from the affected areas since Saturday afternoon and offering them individual forms of support," said Charles University Rector Milena Králíčková, offering assistance through the university's support centres.

For example, UK Point offers students psychological support in groups at the Carolina Centre in English. It also offers space at UK Point Celetná Street for social gatherngs or can reserve space for meetings or studying in the Celetná Study Club.

Students can also use Bursary for students in acute difficulties, for example if they are dependent on family support in a place of conflict.

The faculties of Charles University have already been informed by the university administration that a methodology for individual study plans is being prepared for these students and will be sent to them by the Rector's Office in the next few days. It will be possible to interrupt classes "ex officio" in justified cases, etc. Charles University is ready to accommodate the interest of students with the utmost friendliness.

There are currently 327 Israeli students studying at Charles University. Eight Israeli students are on short-term internships at CU.

The faculties of Charles University are already setting up a system of support, for example, the 3rd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University has already announced that it will allow for the replacement of missed teaching in the form of individual study plans after identifying the actual needs of students caused by the war situation in their country or in the case of students being called up for military service. The First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University has said it will take strong care to ensure that the faculty environment does not become a place of any attacks on students. They can count on our full support and assistance and can contact us with anything, the medical faculty, where traditionally most students from Israel study, added.

This week, three students from Charles University were to leave to study for the 2023/2024 winter semester under inter-university agreements. Two students (from FSV UK) were to go to Tel Aviv University and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The third student (from FF UK) was to go to Tel Aviv University. All have now postponed their trips and the University is in contact with them.

Prof. Milena Králíčková, rector

of Charles University

October 10, 2023, Prague

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