Rector's Directive No. 57/2018

Mode of Submitting Applications for ERC Grants at Charles University

Date of effect: 1 February 2019

Article 1 - Introductory Provision

The aim of this Directive is to set out the rules for the submission of applications for grants from the European Research Council (“ERC”) at Charles University (“the University”) so that applications are not filed without the knowledge of research support departments at individual faculties and without the co-operation with the Research Support Office of the Rectorate (“OVaV”). The Directive also aims to ensure quality control of submitted ERC applications to increase their chances of success. The Directive is in compliance with a long-term plan of the University to boost the success rate of the University in prestigious calls.

Article 2 - Mechanisms for Submitting Applications

  1. All applications for ERC grants in which the University is indicated as a grantee must undergo timely inspection by a relevant department of the Rectorate.

  2. The full proposal of a project funded from a grant is forwarded to the OVaV of the Rectorate (electronically is sufficient) no later than a month prior to the closing date of a respective call.

  3. Based on the inspection of the material part of the proposal in particular, a so-called Letter of Commitment (“LoC”) is issued, which is an obligatory part of submitted project documentation. The LoC is signed exclusively by the Rector of the University upon recommendation of either a co-ordinator of ERC projects at the University or a Vice-Rector for Research.

Article 3 - Other Provisions

If the above-stated conditions are not satisfied, an application for an ERC grant cannot be filed in the name of the University. Similarly, it is not possible to subsequently apply for financial support under Rector’s Directive No. 54/2018.

Article 4 - Other Provision

This Directive becomes effective on 1 February 2019.

In Prague, 18 December 2018

Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc., MBA

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