Educational effectiveness, assessment and its evaluation

Educational effectiveness, assessment and its evaluation

The aim of the research is to identify predictors of learning outcomes (student achievement as well as non-cognitive outcomes) at the class, school, district and national level. Part of the research team's work focuses on developing (constructing and validating) tools for measuring cognitive and non-cognitive learning outcomes and attitude scales for pupils and teachers. While school effectiveness research is mainly quantitative, we also apply qualitative research to learn about the views and attitudes of various stakeholders (teachers, headteachers, pupils and their parents) on the diverse aspects of the education process and educational policy measures. On the basis of thorough and rigorous research we aim to inform education policy in the Czech Republic.

Selected outputs:

  • Straková, J., Simonová, J., & Greger, D. (2018). Improving mathematics results: does teachers’ academic optimism matter? A study of lower secondary schools. School Effectiveness and School Improvement.

  • Martinková, P., Goldhaber, D., Erosheva, E. (2018). Disparities in ratings of internal and external applicants: A case for model-based inter-rater reliability. PLOS ONE, 13(10), DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0203002.

  • Straková, J.; Greger, D. & Soukup, P. (2017). Factors affecting the transition of fifth-graders to the academic track in the Czech Republic. International Studies in Sociology of Education, 26(3), 288-309. DOI: 10.1080/09620214.2017.1290541

  • Drabinová, A., Martinková, P. (2017). Detection of Differential Item Functioning with Nonlinear Regression: A Non-IRT Approach Accounting for Guessing. Journal of Educational Measurement, 54(4), 498-517.

  • Jones, K., Tymms, P., Kemethofer, D., O’Hara, J., McNamara, G., Huber, S., Myrberg, E., Skedsmo, G. & Greger, D. (2017). The unintended consequences of school inspection: the prevalence of inspection side-effects in Austria, the Czech Republic, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland. Oxford Review of Education, 43(6), 805-822.

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