Rector's Directive No. 14/2018

Constitution of the Bedřich Hrozný Prize for Creative Initiative

Date of effect: 1 May 2018

Article 1

This Constitution provides rules for the awarding of the Bedřich Hrozný Prize for Creative Initiative. The Prize is named after the Charles University Rector, orientalist, and linguist who achieved world recognition by deciphering the ancient Hittite language.

Article 2

Charles University (University) awards the Bedřich Hrozný Prize for Creative Initiative(the Prize) for a significant and original creative initiative such as a specialist paper published in a journal or book, a work of art, the staging of an exhibition, realising a patent, etc.

Article 3

The Prize may be awarded to a staff member or a team working at the University.

Article 4

  1. Nominations for the Prize are submitted to the Rector by the Deans of faculties or directors of university institutes, or members of the Research Board of the University by the end of February of a given calendar year.

  2. The nomination includes the name of the candidate or the members of the work team, the name of the work place of the candidate or the work team, and the specification of the creative initiative.

Article 5

  1. The Rector’s advisory board for considering the nominations for the Prize is the Board composed of representatives of the University and other institutions.

  2. The Board has five members and its Chair is always the representative of the University. Members of the Board including its Chair are appointed by the Rector.

  3. The Board assesses the nominations received and passes to the Rector a shortlist of no more than three candidates’ nominations for the Prize.

Article 6

The main criteria for the awarding of the Prize are originality, quality, and significance of the creative initiative.

Article 7

  1. The University Prize for Creative Initiative is awarded by the Rector or a Vice-Rector at a ceremonial meeting held on the anniversary of the foundation of the University in April.

  2. The awarding of the Prize is attested by a diploma with the University coat of arms and the Rector’s signature.

  3. The Prize is associated with a financial award of at least 100,000 CZK.

Article 8

  1. The Prize need not be awarded in any given year.

  2. Not more than three Prizes may be awarded in any given year.

  3. There is no legal title to the awarding of the Prize.

Article 9

  1. The Rector’s Directive No. 16/2012, Constitution of the Charles University Bedřich Hrozný Prize for Creative Initiative, as amended by the Rector’s Directive No. 25/2015 is hereby repealed.

  2. This Constitution comes into legal effect on 1 May 2018.

In Prague on 16 April 2018

Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc., MBA

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