Rector's Directive No. 71/2017

To implement: Article 3 (4) of the Rules for Lifelong Learning of Charles University

Date of effect: 15 November 2017

Register of Lifelong Learning Programmes

Article 1 Registration of a Lifelong Learning Programme

  1. A lifelong learning programme (“Programme”) is announced by an entity offering the Programme.

  2. Prior to the commencement of a Programme, the entity offering it will enter the Programme into the Register of Lifelong Learning Programmes (“the Register”), which constitutes part of the Study Information System.

Article 2 Mandatory Elements to Be Registered

  1. The entity offering the Programme will enter it into the Register according to the orientation of the programme, i.e., interest-oriented or vocation-oriented. When entering a Programme into the Register according to its orientation, it is possible to choose a specific extracurricular programme, namely the University of the Third Age.

  2. Mandatory elements to be registered for all programmes are as follows:


    title of the programme,


    status of the programme,


    unit of the University,


    teaching methods,


    language in which the programme is carried out,


    description of the programme,


    field of study,


    schedule and content of the programme,


    requirements for admission into the programme,


    requirements for completion of the programme,


    number of credits ,


    guarantor of the programme,


    department guaranteeing the programme,


    department implementing the programme,


    academic year in which the programme is being offered,


    commencement of the programme ,


    length of the programme (semesters/short-term),


    scope ,


    tuition fee,


    address for the submission of applications,


    contact person – name, e-mail address, telephone number,


    deadline for the submission of applications.

  3. Other mandatory elements to be registered for a vocation-oriented programmes are as follows:


    accreditation number assigned to the university/faculty,


    name of the institution that has granted the accreditation,


    programme accreditation number assigned to the university/faculty,


    ISCED code,


    entrance qualifications required,


    information about the purpose of study,


    provision of law/regulation regarding a certificate of completion,


    commencement date of the programme,


    code of source of financing.

Article 3 Effect

This directive becomes effective on 15 November 2017.

In Prague, 10 November 2017

Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc., MBA

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