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Can I visit the university campus?

Charles University does not have one central campus. Our facilities are located in three different cities – Prague, Pilsen, and Hradec Králové. Although some of our 17 faculties (“schools” or “colleges”) have their own campuses, the dorms and canteens are spread around these university cities.

Due to this reason and the large number of applicants, we are not able to give you a private tour through the entire university. Instead, our faculties organise Open Door Days in the winter or spring time. Moreover, you are welcome to visit and look around the faculty buildings individually, as our university is freely open to the public.

Please see the visits section to learn more about your options and possibilities for group visits.

Is it possible to transfer my studies to your university?

Since the rules governing admissions do not specify the term “transfer”, you cannot simply transfer to our Charles University from another higher education institution you are currently enrolled at.

First, you need to apply as a regular applicant, meet the admission requirements and enter the first year. Only after then you can ask for the recognition of credits you have already received for identical courses elsewhere (based on your transcript). Because their recognition simply cannot be guaranteed beforehand, we recommend you contact the respective faculty to consult your options.

Does CU have spring (february) intake?

With the exception of Ph.D study programmes, Charles University does not have a spring admission procedure (except for some doctoral programmes) or rolling admissions. This means that the applicant for master's and bachelor's programmes can apply for the winter semester only. Bachelor’s and Master’s application deadline is usually the end of April. We advise the prospective applicants to follow the website of the respective faculty regularly during the application period.

The academic year starts on October 1 and lasts until the end of September the following year. The academic year is divided into winter (fall) term starting in October and summer (spring) term starting in February. Most faculties have a summer break in July and August.

Does CU offer study programmes in Engineering, Architecture, and Agriculture?

Charles University does not offer technical, engineering or agricultural programmes. However, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics offer some related study programmes in chemistry, biology, geography and computer science. You may also consider other Czech technical universities – see the overview below.

Technically oriented study programmes are offered mainly at the following Czech universities:

What A-level (SAT/IGCSE) scores does CU require for admission?

Let us briefly introduce you to the admission process at CU. Since we are a large institution with 17 considerably independent faculties, the admission procedure is organized slightly differently than you may be used to from other universities abroad. CU does not have a central admission office. Instead, the individual faculties manage the entire admission process, which enables them to tailor the admissions to the need of the study programmes.

Each faculty has a specific application procedure and admission requirements. Therefore, we advise prospective students to visit the website of the respective faculty to learn what the specific conditions are.

Apart from the minimum requirement to obtain a completed secondary education before entering the first year of a Bachelor’s or an undivided Master’s degree programme (General Medicine and Dentistry), there are no university-wide requirements with respect to SATs, IGCSE or similar scores from your previous education. However, individual faculties may take these results into account in their entrance examination.

Do you have office hours for prospective applicants?

Yes, we do! If you have any questions or uncertainty about the studies at Charles University you may join our virtual office hours. You can find the time and dates of the virtual office hours here.

If none of the scheduled dates suits your availability, you can always make an appointment (online or in-person) within our regular office hours 9:00-17:00. See the section on visits for more information.

In case you have already decided which study programme you want to choose and have a specific question, it may be more fruitful to reach out to the admission coordinators directly.


By when do I have to submit my high school diploma?

If you are still working towards your certificates or diplomas, don't worry. Unless specified otherwise, all the recognised documents must be submitted to the faculty by the enrolment date at the latest. Learn more about the recognition process.

I have technical issues with my application. What should I do?

We regret to hear about the issues you are facing with the submission application.

Please note that individual faculties manage the entire application process. Therefore, we cannot help you in this matter as we do not have access to the system. For this reason, I would kindly ask you to contact the admissions coordinator of the relevant faculty with your query. You can find the coordinators' contacts for all faculties here.

We wish you a quick resolution of the issues with the application.


What options CU offers for studying medicine?

Charles University has five faculties of medicine, three of which are in Prague, one is located in Plzeň and one in Hradec Králové.

All our faculties offer a 6-year (undivided) master's study programme in General Medicine. Additionally, two of our medical faculties - First Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, offer a 5-year (undivided)master's study programme in Dentistry.

Read more about medicine at CU here.

Can I take the entrance exam abroad?

Since Charles University does not have a central admission office and the faculties manage the entire admission process, the fact whether the faculty offers an option to take the entrance abroad depends on the individual faculty.

Some Faculties do offer the option to take the exam abroad by the cooperating international representative. This option is offered mostly by the medical faculties.

To see whether the faculty offer such an option please visit the faculty's website or contact the admission coordinators (see the contacts here).

Do CU medical faculties have representatives abroad?

Yes, most of our medical faculties cooperate with international representatives abroad. The lists of representatives abroad are available on the faculty's websites. You can find the links in our overview of the medical faculties at CU in the section Medicine and Dentistry.

Does CU offer Nursing in English?

No, study programmes in Nursing are offered in Czech only.

General Nursing, a 3-year Bachelor’s study programme in the Czech language, is offered as a degree programme by three of our five medical faculties (Second Faculty of Medicine, Third Faculty of Medicine and Faculty ofMedicine in Hradec Kralove).

There is also a 3-year combined Bachelor’s study programme Paediatric Nursing availableat the Second Faculty of Medicine or a post-bachelor Master’s study programme Intensive Care (all available in the Czech language only).

Information about our medical studyprogrammes is available in the section Undergraduate – Medicine and Dentistry.


Educational agency – cooperation

Charles University does not centrally cooperate with any recruitment agency. At the university level, we are interested only in bilateral agreements with institutions of higher education where the cooperation is based on mutual student and staff exchange.

Nonetheless, Charles University has 17 independent faculties (including 5 medical faculties). If you would like to cooperate with us, please contact the respective faculty or our Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies directly.

All the information about our study options can be found on our website in the admissions section.

Study counsellor – resources and contacts

Charles University, as part of Study in Prague consortium (SiP), is actively seeking new relationships with the study counsellors.

Twice a year, we organise a Tour for Counsellors. If you want to be the first one to know about the next tour, make sure you are signed up for the Counsellors Newsletter – subscribers get priority registration! The tour will give you the opportunity to visit 6+ universities in 2-3 days! Besides, our newsletter will also get you the most important updates from the SIP universities every 3-4 months, including new programmes, extended deadlines, scholarships, etc.

In case the tour is not a suitable option for you, we also offer regular virtual Q&A sessions. Alternatively, a representative from one of the SiP universities can do a virtual presentation for your students, covering all the essentials from the admission process up to the student life.

Please reach out to us for more information:

Martin Hanker

International Recruitment Officer & Student Advisor



I need verify diploma issued by a CU. What can I do for it?

If the diploma is not older than 10 years, please contact the Students’ Office of the respective faculty where the student studied (see this link for the list of contacts).

If the diploma was issued more than 10 years ago, please contact directly Mrs. Jarmila Přibylová from the Archive of Charles University (jarmila.pribylova@ruk.cuni.cz). In case you have additional questions regarding the verification process, a general contact for the Archive is udauk@ruk.cuni.cz.

Kindly always attach to the e-mail the person’s signed consent permitting us to release their personal information.

We are a student association that wants to visit CU

Given the spatial distribution of our university and a large number of applicants, we are unable to give private tours. Although we offer welcome tours, these are primarily intended for counsellors, high school teachers and prospective students (more about that here). Therefore, student societies from abroad that are interested in a welcome tour, lecture or visit are advised to contact directly one of the faculties of Charles University that fits their profile.

Learn more about our University museum and other options in the section visits.

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