Buddy Programme for Incoming Students

Are you an international student coming to Charles University for an exchange or full-time studies? If so, find more information about Buddy programme below.

What is Buddy about? It is quite simple: local students voluntarily assist incoming international students and make the start of their studies a little bit easier. Buddies will help you out with things such as picking you up at the airport or the bus/train station, show you how the public transportation system works, help you move in or show you the faculty. They are here for you whether you need assistance with going to the doctor or choosing a new place to eat. And what is even better - you may become friends with your buddy! Joining the Buddy programme is not just a good idea for a smooth start of your studies but also a great way to meet local students, experience Czech culture, and even make friends for a lifetime!

How to get a Buddy?

Register to Broaddy and fill in your student profile. The more interesting and extensive your profile description will be, the more likely a Buddy will choose you, and you will have more interests to share. If you know your arrival date, fill it in. It is crucial to know for your Buddy. Only when a local Buddy chooses an international student, it is possible to see and share the contact information. Our local students choose international students.

If you have questions or you have any troubles with your profile, please contact the buddy coordinator for your faculty or the university coordinator. You will find contact information in Broaddy or send an email to .

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