Post-Master’s Examinations (Examen Rigorosum)

Graduates of Master’s degree programmes – who hold the degree ‘magistr’ (Master) – can take a post-Master’s State Examination in the same field. This ‘examen rigorosum’ (‘rigorózní zkouška’ in Czech) includes a defence of a post-Master’s dissertation (‘rigorózní práce’ in Czech); this is an approximate equivalent of the M.Phil. Successful candidates are awarded the following degrees (all titles are written before the holder’s name):

  • in law, Juris utrisque doctor (JUDr.),

  • in humanities, pedagogical and social sciences, Philosophiae doctor (PhDr.),

  • in natural sciences, Rerum naturalium doctor (RNDr.),

  • in pharmacy, Pharmaciae doctor (PharmDr.),

  • in theology, Theologiae licentiatus (ThLic.) or Theologiae doctor (ThDr.).

Charles University Rigorosum Examination Code

Applications for post-Master’s examinations are available at the faculties. Applications are accepted throughout the year. The examination process and conditions are governed by the Charles University Rigorosum Examination Code.

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