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22 September 2020

In light of the situation in Belarus, CU looking to offer more stipends

Charles University established the Václav Havel Scholarship (Stipendium Václava Havla or SVH) several years ago. Named after the famous dissident and the former Czechoslovakia’s first post-communist president, it is intended for foreign students and others suffering repression or persecution under totalitarian or authoritarian regimes anywhere around the world. Charles University understands that the conditions in such regimes can make it exceedingly difficult - if not impossible - for individuals to continue in higher learning.

Charles University has been monitoring developments in Belarus and, while remaining apolitical, stands ready to help: the school invites students applying for asylum in the Czech Republic, who can demonstrate they suffered persecution in their own country, to apply through their faculty or individually to the rectorate - for an SVH (after succeeding in entrance exams at any given faculty). Applications are approved at the level of the Rector’s Board.

Given the situation in Belarus, CU is looking for new sources to be able to offer more stipends to more applicants than ever. Until now, the school has set aside an amount between 500,000 and 1 million Czech crowns of its own funds annually for all of the Havel scholarships (not each), the equivalent of around 22,000 – 44,000 US dollars.

The university is also offering academics from Belarus short-term financially-supported stays at relevant faculties.

Prague, September 17, 2020.

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