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16 October 2020

The CU crisis team hereby appeals to students accommodated at CU dormitories (16. 10. 2020)

In connection with Government Resolution no. 1022 of 12 October 2020, and in view of the emergency situation and the need for enhanced hygiene measures to prevent the spread of COVID 19, the management of Charles University and of CU Dormitories and Canteens sets the following rules with effect from 19 October 2020:

  1. It is prohibited for third parties (those not accommodated at the facilities) to enter or visit CU Dormitories and Canteens premises, with the exception of:

    • essential DaC staff members,

    • external suppliers, and only to the extent necessary and for the required period of time,

    • parents and loved ones of students and other persons accommodated at the facilities, and only in essential cases and for the required period of time (removal of possessions etc.).

  2. All study rooms at CU Dormitories and Canteens are closed due to the risk of several people being present on those premises at the same time.

  3. All persons present in interior common areas of CU Dormitories and Canteens must cover their nose and mouth with a face mask, disinfect their hands on entry to the premises, and observe social distancing.

Thank you for respecting the above measures and behaving in a manner that is disciplined, responsible and considerate.

JUDr. Tomáš Horáček

Bursar of Charles University

Prague, 16 October 2020

The CU crisis team hereby appeals to students accommodated at CU dormitories (13. 10. 2020)

Following the adoption of Czech Government Resolution no. 1022 on 12 October 2020, we request that students accommodated at CU dormitories give responsible consideration to their continued stay at their dormitory. However, any students who are unable to leave their dormitory for good reason (risk of the spread of infection amongst high-risk groups on return to one’s place of abode) shall be allowed to remain at their dormitory in accordance with the declaration of the Czech Ministry of Education.

All students can decide whether or not they wish to leave their accommodation at CU dormitories. Any students who decide to remain at their dormitory due to prevention of the risk of spreading infection must deliver (by e-mail to ) a statutory declaration, listing the reasons for which the student believes a return to their place of abode to be high-risk, to CU Dormitories and Canteens no later than at 18.00 (6 p.m.) on 14 October 2020.

The accommodation contracts of any students who decide to terminate their accommodation, and notify CU Dormitories and Canteens of this no later than at 18.00 (6 p.m.) on 14 October 2020 (by e-mail to ), shall be cancelled as of 15 October 2020 without any sanction whatsoever. Departure (moving out) from dormitories shall be possible until 16 October 2020 inclusive.

The University is offering students who are able to move back to their place of abode, but wish to stay in Prague for reasons other than the risk of spreading infection (work etc.) the option of accommodation in the Krystal hotel facility, where enhanced hygienic and epidemiological measures are in place, for a reduced price of 5,000.- CZK per bed per month. Accommodation is possible from 15 October 2020. Please send any applications for this accommodation to . At the same time, Charles University is seeking possibilities for the further increase of hotel-type accommodation capacity in cooperation with the City of Prague.

The above rules do not apply to students who, under Government Resolution no. 1022 of 12 October 2020, have been granted an exemption from the prohibition on accommodation at dormitories, i.e. students who have no other place of abode in the Czech Republic, students who are under an obligation to work under Act no. 240/2000 Coll., on crisis measures, and students on degree programmes in general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other degree programmes related to healthcare, as well as students who are performing practical traineeships at nursery, primary and secondary schools.

  1. If DaC fails to respond to a statutory declaration within four hours of its submission, it is deemed to have been processed and approved, and the student may remain at their dormitory.

  2. In the event that a student decides to leave their dormitory, but leave their possessions in their room, DaC will be able to secure (seal) the room so that the student’s personal possessions are not lost.

  3. With regard to the current situation and the previously granted right to defer entry to dormitories until 1 November 2020, as well as the fact that CU views all current measures in place as temporary, no discount will be provided on dormitory fees for the month of October 2020. Should quarantine measures (and the state of emergency) continue into November 2020, a decision shall be taken on further steps, including a thorough consideration of discounts and further measures that benefit CU students.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (MEYS) has released on its website supplementary information on the restriction on the operation of student dormitories under Czech Government Resolution no. 1022 of 12 October 2020, according to which:

  1. If the student dormitory is the student’s place of residence under Section 80 (1) of Act no. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended, and this fact is communicated to the university through a declaration, they may remain in accommodation at the dormitory. The place of residence is deemed to be the place at which a person resides with the intention of staying permanently, with a change in circumstances reserved.

  2. If students who also have an employment relationship with the university under labour law (e.g. some students on doctoral study programmes) are accommodated at the dormitory, then they may remain there for the purpose of performing their work.

  3. The MEYS nevertheless recommends that, if possible, students return home and restrict their social contacts. The Ministry of Health offers any students who are afraid to return home due to the possibility of infecting members of their household the option of immediate testing for Covid-19 by mobile testing teams. If a student has had themselves tested for Covid-19 and/or is waiting for the results of those tests, we expect that they shall remain at the dormitory until they receive the results of the test. In the event of a positive test result, the student shall remain in quarantine/isolation at the dormitory.

Charles University hereby states that, in addition to the statutory declarations under the notification for students at CU dormitories of 13 October 2020 (statutory declaration specifying the reasons why the student has judged return to their place of residence as high-risk), DaC shall also accept declarations in according to the interpretation of the term “place of residence” contained in the supplementary notification of the MEYS.

JUDr. Tomáš Horáček

Bursar and head of the crisis team

Prague, 13 October 2020, 13.30 p.m.

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