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29 March 2021

Special appeal for support for online student activities during the covid-19 pandemic

The goal of this appeal is to support student clubs and associations at CU (and/or related activities by individuals), particularly in the following areas:

  • online getting-to-know-you events and information activities for first-year students (e.g. departmental advisory centres, social and teambuilding activities to get students involved and motivated),

  • online activities for caring for students’ mental health (e.g. webinars on mental health topics and relaxation techniques, organisation of mindfulness activities),

  • online sports and introductory activities for students (e.g. instructions for exercising, healthy lifestyle, support for and improvement of study skills, e.g. lessons in writing and revision),

  • online activities for support and popularisation connected to study (e.g. accompanying lectures, podcasts, study support for exams).

Deadlines for sending applications (for discussion by the social committee of the CZ Academy of Sciences):

  • by 15 April 2021

  • and by 20 May 2021

Contents of application:

  • identification of club or organisers of activity,

  • contents of activity, timeframe and target group,

  • form of activity and technical and/or material requirements,

  • schedule and approximate duration,

  • amount and justification of financial assistance provided (necessary expenditure and any bonuses for the given activity and its teachers). The upper limit for support is 20 000 CZK,

  • the total budget for this assistance is 200 000 CZK;

  • preference will be given to activities primarily intended for members of the academic community.

Processing of applications for financial assistance:

  • please send completed applications through the online form, (log-in format Ukpersonalnumber@cuni.cz)

  • applications will be assessed at a meeting of the social committee of the CU Academy of Sciences (AS UK), which shall give recommendations regarding any financing of project and order of preference for individual projects,

  • decisions on assistance based on recommendations of the social committee of AS UK will be made by the Rector.

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