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19 November 2021

Information on the operation of dormitories

Please be informed that on 18. 11. 2021 the government of the Czech Republic adopted a new Resolution no. 1032, which, with effect from 00:00 (midnight) on 22 November 2021, amends the extraordinary measure of 27 October 2021 (file no. MZDR 14600/2021-20/MIN/KAN, as amended by the extraordinary measure of 1 November 2021, file no. MZDR 14600/2021-21/MIN/KAN, and the extraordinary measure of 12 November 2021, file no. MZDR 14600/2021-22/MIN/KAN), such that the following rule is rescinded: “...or the student undergoes, on the spot, a rapid antigen test (RAT) for the presence of antigens of the SARS-CoV-2 virus intended for self-testing (use by a lay person), and the result is negative; the same shall apply if the student demonstrates on the spot that they have undergone a rapid antigen test under the supervision of a healthcare professional through an online service no later than 24 hours ago and proves the taking of the test and its negative result through confirmation by a healthcare provider…”.

Entrance to dormitories

In practice, this will mean that, from 00:00 (midnight) on 22. 11. 2021, it will no longer be possible to present a self-test for admission to dormitories. Instead, admission to dormitories shall require the presentation of evidence of the following every 7 days: 

  1. vaccination against Covid-19, demonstrated through a national vaccination certificate or a certificate of completed vaccination issued in accordance with the European Union Regulation on the EU Digital COVID Certificate, provided that at least 14 days have elapsed since the completed vaccination schedule; a national certificate of vaccination is defined as written confirmation issued in at least the English language by an authorized entity operating in a third country, a specimen of which is published in the list of recognized national certificates on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic; the written confirmation must include details of the vaccinated person, the type of vaccine administered, the date the vaccine was administered, and identification of the entity that issued the certificate. This data must be verifiable by remote access directly from the written confirmation, provided that the vaccination:

    1. use of a medicinal product containing a Covid-19 vaccine which has been granted a marketing authorization in accordance with Regulation (EC) no.726/2004, or

    2. use of a medicinal product whose manufacture was compliant with the patent of the medicinal product referred to in point (i), provided that the medicinal product is also approved by the World Health Organization for emergency use,

  2. recovery from Covid-19, with laboratory confirmation of the same, whereby the person has completed the period of mandatory isolation , and no more than 180 days have elapsed since their first positive rapid antigen test (RAT) for the presence of antigens of the SARS-CoV-2 virus or RT-PCR test for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

  3. PCR test not older than 72 hours, demonstrated by a confirmation from the health service provider,

  4. antigen test not older than 24 hours, demonstrated by a confirmation from the health service provider.​

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