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6 October 2022

Updated at December 14, 2022

Charles University supports STUDENT GATHERING FOR IRAN event

The management of Charles University supports the event STUDENT GATHERING FOR IRAN, which will take place on 17 December 2022 in support of Iranian women who are denied basic rights, Iranian citizens in general who are under constant pressure of social, economic and environmental problems and which is against the killing or arrest of Iranian people protesting for their rights. The management of Charles University is concerned about the safety of the Iranian residents, and they are also thinking about the Iranian students. Already at the beginning of October, the rector of Charles University, Professor Milena Králíčková issued a statement (see bellow) in which she strongly condemned any form of aggression and violence against the people of Iran.

The management of the university supports the efforts of its students from abroad, especially from Iran, who study freely at Charles University and want to draw attention to the serious situation in their country of origin through the STUDENT GATHERING FOR IRAN event.

Our country, its citizens, including students, were also able to stand up to unfreedom 33 years ago. This is also why the leadership of the Charles University stresses its interest in the current situation in Iran, because it is precisely indifference to serious situations not only in the world, but also in our immediate surroundings, which opens the way for evil.

Management of Charles University

December 14, 2022, Prague

Statement by the rector of Charles University on the situation of women in Iran

As rector, together with the entire management of Charles University, I strongly condemn any form of aggression and violence against women in Iran. We are clearly on the side of tolerance. Likewise, we do not agree with an aggressive approach to peaceful student protests.

We stand with all Iranian women and girls and also students, not only at Sharif University in Tehran, whose personal life and studies are disrupted by the repression of authoritarian and unfree regimes.

Just as we support democratic approaches and equality on our university grounds, we must also insist on them in our interaction with the wider global environment. Disagreement with the aggressiveness of the regime towards population groups is one of the principles of a free academic community.

Prof. Milena Králíčková, rector

of Charles University

October 6, 2022, Prague

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