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5 December 2023

A great success of Charles University: 90 scientific projects received support from the Czech Grant Agency

Charles University has once again confirmed its scientific excellence by being awarded 86 standard and postdoctoral projects by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GA CR) on 30 November 2023. The GA CR has also recently awarded financial support to four scientific projects in the highly selective Junior Star competition.

From next year, UK scientists will be researching in 76 new standard and ten postdoctoral research projects. Charles University has thus won the most projects of all Czech universities, Masaryk University is second with 26 and CTU third with 20 standard projects.

Standard projects form the core of the special-purpose support for basic research in the Czech Republic. All researchers and their teams, regardless of age and experience, could submit proposals for projects with a duration of up to three years. The most successful faculty in the number of projects received is the Faculty of Science of Charles University with 26 standard and three postdoctoral projects, followed by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University (19 standard and 5 postdoctoral projects) and the Faculty of Arts with 14 standard projects. Standard projects have been supported by GA ČR since 1993. A complete list of all supported projects for 2024 can be found here.

The competition for postdoctoral research topics (POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP), where Charles University has received a total of ten projects, i.e. also the most in the Czech Republic, is announced in the OUTGOING and INCOMING variants. The first variant will allow budding scientists to complete a two-year internship abroad, where they will gain valuable experience at an early stage of their career. In the third year, they will capitalize on this experience at a Czech workplace. The second branch of the competition (INCOMING) will allow outstanding early career foreign scientists to work at a scientific workplace in the Czech Republic. This competition is also used by young Czech scientists abroad who plan to return to the Czech Republic after their postdoctoral experience.

Recently, Charles University has also achieved success in supporting science in the prestigious Junior Star competition for new projects. Starting in January 2024, GA ČR will fund excellent scientists at the beginning of their careers who come to the Czech Republic from abroad or have significant foreign experience. A unique opportunity to become scientifically independent and to enrich the Czech environment with new research topics has been given to four scientists from Charles University, which is again the highest number in the Czech higher education environment.

We congratulate all the scientists from Charles University and wish them the best of luck in their research!

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