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1 March 2024

Since the start of Russia’s unprecedented attack on Ukraine, Charles University has been providing support for Ukrainian students and academics for whom the Czech Republic has become a temporary or second home. This week, the University organised a meeting with Professor Milena Králíčková, Rector of the Charles University, with dozens of scholars who are cooperating with CU or have received study scholarships here.

Termed a practical “work” meeting Rector Králíčková was joined by Vice-Rector for Foreign Affairs Eva Voldřichová-Beránková, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs Markéta Martínková, CEFRES representative Claire Madl and Adéla Jiroudková, the head of the Science and Research Department at Charles University.

During the event, participants were familiarised with Xthe specific offer of projects created mainly at Charles University, aimed at supporting the work of scientists from Eastern Europe. Rector Milena Králíčková welcomed the present Ukrainian academics, she urged them to make good use of all the offers and to try to continue the interrupted scientific work they had to leave involuntarily after the invasion of Ukraine.

“I am extremely pleased to cooperate in a difficult time for you. At the same time, I believe that we can inspire each other: you can be an inspiration for Charles University, and we can be an inspiration for your universities in Ukraine. Today's meeting is a starting point for further intense cooperation. We are ready to help you every day,” Rector Králíčková said. She added that she hoped that her Ukrainian colleagues would be able to ask for further information - both through the university administration and at the individual faculties. Further, she expressed confidence that opportunities and a creative setting that Charles University has been offering Ukrainian academics for two years will help them bridge this difficult period.   

According to Vice-Rector Eva Voldřichová-Beránková (pictured above), now is the right time to look back at the past two years of supporting scholars from Ukraine at CU. “So far, we have acted rather spontaneously, it was a natural reaction to the shock of the war. Now we would like to set up structures that - in the best case across the whole Czech Republic - would work more systematically. The necessary coordination linking all universities and colleges in the Czech Republic could be addressed, for example, by the Czech Rectors' Conference,” Vice-Rector Voldřichová-Beránková told CU’s Forum magazine.

“It is great to hear concrete findings, to learn what exactly Ukrainian scientists need,” said Adéla Jiroudková (in the photos above). She added: “There is always room for improvement, but I am glad that within the framework of European programmes and the support of Charles University, the possibility of obtaining funding to support scientists from a war-torn country is wide.”

The meeting was also attended and welcomed by Claire Madl (pictured left) from CEFRES (Centre français de recherche en sciences sociales or the French Institute for Research in the Social Sciences), which has been cooperating with Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences for 10 years in the field of humanities and social sciences. She presented, as an example, pillars of cooperation with Ukrainian researchers that CEFRES is using to reduce the impact of the military conflict, including supporting fellowship programmes.

Text: Marcela Uhlíková

Photographs: Jan Kolský

Datum: 26. 2. 2024

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